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“God’s Banker” and the Fall of Ambrosiano – A Re-Post

Pope Paul VI and Roberto Calvi . Everyone loves a good conspiracy theory. I do. Don’t you? And everyone loves a conspiracy involving all the big players – bankers, the mafia, the Vatican, the C.I.A., murder. I mean, how juicy … Continue reading

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A Father With Daughters in Defense of Women

Once upon a time back in 1964 while I was in Eritrea defending America, my wife worked in lower Manhattan for a steamship company.  She was 19 years old and the bosses’ secretary.  The office consisted of a large open … Continue reading

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* Those of you who have spent time in Rome or in many other cities in the world have seen them. Needles. Egyptian obelisks.  Those four sided monuments topped by a pyramid shaped point.  The Washington Monument is an American … Continue reading

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He Said – She said. Why Believe Her?

Heehee. It’s so funny watching Republicans trying so hard of be respectful of Christine Blasey Ford as they subtly work to undermine her credibility.  The Judicial Committee wanted to hear her but only on their terms. They want Americans to … Continue reading

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The Good German of Nanking – A Re-Post

So you’re a middle-aged German business man, working for Siemens A.G. in Nanking, China in 1938.  You’re a member in good standing of the Nazi Party (though you haven’t lived in Germany for almost 30 years) and you begin to … Continue reading

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Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rico and Florida Politics

The dour stone-faced German Finance Minister, Wolfgang Schaeuble made a joke in 2015. “According to Bloomberg, Schaeuble said, “I offered my friend [US Treasury Secretary] Jack Lew these days that we could take Puerto Rico into the euro zone if … Continue reading

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The Authoritarian Personality – A Re-Post

Last time I put up this post in 2015 it got a number of comments longer than the post! Everyone has an opinion on why folks vote against their own interests. Why do people vote against their own economic interests? … Continue reading

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Two Washingtons

America’s divisions are not new.  They have endured for centuries and continue to this day.  Trump didn’t cause them.  Neither did “libruls.”  Our divisions are as American as apple pie. When we talk about history we talk about stories.  America’s … Continue reading

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Weekend With Clark Cassius

Playing Pic-A-Boo! Preparing Breakfast! Sharing Cottage Cheese and Peaches!  Yum! Trying on Poppa’s Hat! That’s What I Was Doing This Weekend! 🙂

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Living With The Birds

Recently I have posted photos of sand hill cranes parking themselves under a live oak tree in front of my home.  Most of you know I live in a semi-rural area of the Florida gulf coast.  My house is of … Continue reading

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