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By Pamela T. in chalk and Magic Marker Created for an art show themed “Dogs” benefitting local animal shelters. 🙂 .

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Winged Victory – For Memorial Day

  Vietnam The fields are fully green today where only yesterday was shed wild blood of exuberant youth beauteous youth their blood staining the earth still, though unseen now, the stain beneath the fields of green flowering gardens. Unseen too … Continue reading

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Tomb – For Memorial Day

Arlington The Cenotaph A grey slab ‘neath the Arch de Triomphe. Eternal flames and flowers. Before great wars there were no monuments to the nameless, faceless dead; no great tombs to the common man. No stone edifice honored the rotting … Continue reading

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Luna – For Tonight’s Super Moon

Tutmoses gazing ‘cross the Nile saw your image on the water Cleopatra held Caesar’s hand and kissed it by your light Nero plucked his lyre while you shined on burning Rome Did Mehmet look upon your face atop the walls of Byzantium? … Continue reading

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We Did It First

Bolivia One So Belarus has been accused of “hijacking” a civilian airliner by forcing a Ryanair passenger flight to land in the country using a fake bomb threat so that authorities could arrest a prominent critic of its authoritarian leader … Continue reading

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A Morning at Fred Howard Park – From the Archive

Fred Howard Park – Tarpon Springs, Florida Let me sit here for awhile I thought contemplating the morning sea the cloudless sky, the sandy shore all lovely, bathed in light. I really did see it all for a moment; now, … Continue reading

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False Equivalency

Gaza – 2014 I have been listening to all of the words used by Republicans, Democrats and the MSM to describe Israel’s current assault on Gaza; the worst since 2014. lasting 51 days, killing over 2,200 Palestinians including 551 children. … Continue reading

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Sons Part 1 – A Story of Choice – From the Archive

  The assault on Roe has begun ladies.  This is a story of choice He heard her while he was in the bathroom shaving, getting ready for another day at the office. She was busy dressing, putting on her make-up … Continue reading

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“Gold Star Mother” – For Prom Season – From the Archive

The “Gold Star Mother” – 60 plus years ago We sailed across the Narrows before the bridge came on the scene when I was only twenty and you were seventeen aboard the “Gold Star Mother” that took us cross the bay … Continue reading

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Seven Houses

Well Israel and Hamas in Gaza are at it again with Israeli aircraft pulverizing buildings and Hamas rockets falling on Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.  Street fighting has broken out in Israel between Israeli Jews and Arabs as Israeli forces prepare … Continue reading

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