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Deaf and Blind – A Re-Post for Aleppo

La Pietà Do we faintly hear the wail of women over shrouds of sons and daughters? She fed them just a bit ago now they’re gone taken by an errant bomb. When she gonna rid herself of all that baby … Continue reading

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The Arizona Republic

Early Tuesday evening The Arizona Republic’s editorial board broke with a longstanding tradition and endorsed Hillary Clinton for President of the United States. It’s the first time in the paper’s history, 126 years, that its editorial board has endorsed a Democrat. The Arizona … Continue reading

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Here’s To You Nicola and Bart!

“The supreme court of Massachusetts has spoken at last and Bartolomeo Vanzetti and Nicola Sacco, two of the bravest and best scouts that ever served the labor movement, must go to the electric chair. The decision of this capitalist judicial tribunal is … Continue reading

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Toritto at the Baby Shower!

Toritto and his eldest daughter at the baby shower last Saturday with 7 weeks to go until his first grandchild! .

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Going Bi-Coastal!

Toritto on the Massawa Road – Eritrea – 1965 Tomorrow I will be leaving the virtual world for a week or so. I am traveling to spend time with my eldest and her hubby; going from the coast where the sun … Continue reading

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The Wedding Cake

I’ve always found it amusing that St. Patrick’s Day, the day of the Irish, is also the day that the modern Italian nation state came into being. June 2, 1946 is the birthday of the modern Italian Republic – Constitution Day – … Continue reading

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Loving Adonis

Galeazzo was late He was always late leaving her sitting at a bar or coffee shop waiting. She vowed she would wait just twenty minutes no longer would she feel foolish and desperate. Galeazzo the Adonis; how she prayed to … Continue reading

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On Meeting Hector – Breaker of Horses – A Re-Post

I was a nerd as a child.  A reader and a bit of a loner, I spent time in a small public library on Fort Hamilton Parkway in Brooklyn, walking there or riding my bike the half mile or so … Continue reading

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In Memory of Nicholas

Mom, standing, holding Nicholas.  Seated are my aunt and her son (he’s now retired in Arizona.  On the ground are Alfred (left) and me (right.  Taken in Hempstead Lake State Park on Long Island, 1949. Mom, me (during my chubby … Continue reading

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Keith Olberman on Donald Trump

Any Questions? .

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