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L’Affair Khashoggi

Trump knows the Khashoggi – He bought Uncle Adnan’s super yacht, the Nabila back in the day. And so our “ally” Saudi Arabia apparently murdered a Saudi journalist last week in their embassy in Istanbul.  A special team of 15 … Continue reading

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The Mass Media and the Threat to Democracy

‘Free press.” Once upon a time it was a common belief among Americans that a free press had a sacred responsibility; to hold the powerful accountable and to provide the public with enough information to make informed political decisions. Unfortunately, … Continue reading

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What’d I Say?

Dred Scott A couple of days ago I said it would make no difference. After all of the sound and fury signifying nothing, Brett Kavanaugh was approved 50 – 48 with one Republican woman abstaining, one Republican male attending his … Continue reading

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“God’s Banker” and the Fall of Ambrosiano – A Re-Post

Pope Paul VI and Roberto Calvi . Everyone loves a good conspiracy theory. I do. Don’t you? And everyone loves a conspiracy involving all the big players – bankers, the mafia, the Vatican, the C.I.A., murder. I mean, how juicy … Continue reading

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On Originalism

f This week our live streaming news has covered little else but the Senate confirmation hearings on the Emperor’s nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to fill the Supreme Court vacancy created by Justice Anthony Kennedy’s retirement. Of course the hearings are … Continue reading

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“Freedom” and Regressive Taxation

Sources of Florida state tax revenue “Why should I have to pay to educate other people’s children?  I’m single and don’t have any of my own!  People should educate their own children!” This was an argument made in the name … Continue reading

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Labor Day Weekend Musings and Andrew Gillum

Well its Labor Day weekend here in America folks.  Not that Labor Day honors “labor” anymore.  I mean, who do you know that considerers themselves “working class?”  We are all “middle class,” unless of course you’re poor or one of … Continue reading

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