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Farm Bills, Price Supports and Big Sugar

“Every time Hoosiers see sugar listed as a food ingredient, they should know that they are paying more than they need to because of the current federal sugar program. I still manage my family’s 604-acre farm in Marion County, so … Continue reading

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Red Tide, Lake Okeechobee and Big Sugar

Red Tide Those of you who don’t live around here think of Florida as a paradise of  Disney for the kiddies, palm trees and pristine beaches.  Indeed we have some of the finest beaches in America.  I am lucky to … Continue reading

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On “Medicare for All”

Awhile back I put up a post concerning the “Medicare for All” movement and the difficulties we might have in this country in moving toward universal health care. You can read about it here: In it I argued that … Continue reading

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On “Resistance”

y What makes one become a “whistle blower”?  When does one begin to resist? These are just recent musings over my second cup of morning joe,  recalling Sergeant Schultz of Hogan’s Heroes.  “I know nothing! I was not even here!” We … Continue reading

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