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Going Home to Istra

Oh! Such a spring the day is so fine the sergeants are drinking Ukrainian wine and I wish I could go back to Istra. So many are gone while life still goes on hanging around holding on to my gun … Continue reading

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The Good Doctor

Rohingya camp – Bangladesh We’ve all had our experiences with doctors. Torrito will be 80 this September and as a Type 1 diabetic who had a heart attack in 1995 and a stroke in 2004, I have a slew of … Continue reading

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New WordPress Modification??

Has anyone else noticed a change in the format of emails received notifying of “likes” and “comments” while at the same time no longer receiving emails notifying of a new post by a followed blog? I am no longer receiving … Continue reading

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Into Exile – From the Poetry Archive

More relevant now than when written in 2016 I walk the old streets and realize they tore down the Endicott Theater to put up a savings bank in the same space where Papa and I saw “Blood and Sand”. And … Continue reading

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It’s Gator Mating Season in Florida!

. 🙂 Watch the video for the unusual mating and flirting habits of the gator which I’m sure you didn’t know! . .

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Dangerous Morons or Mentally Ill?

We all know by now, or at least we should know that the Qanon true believers are bat shit crazy.  If you don’t you are either one of them or should get out more. A significant number of QAnon followers … Continue reading

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Is This What We Stand On?

This past Easter Sunday I had the pleasure of a weekend with Clark, mommy and dad. I recently bought him a Mickey Mouse wristwatch designed to help him learn to tell time.  Seems lots of kids only learn digital and … Continue reading

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Eunuch – from the History Archive

Photo post-card of the Chief Eunuch of the Ottoman Sultan Abdul Hamid II, photographed at the Imperial Palace. The Qizlar Agha, was one of the most powerful and sometimes the richest men in the Ottoman Empire until 1908. He supervised … Continue reading

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Gifts from Crows – from the Poetry Archive

Dim December’s light breaking dawn of Winter’s night reveals a naked frozen bough hosting the chorus of crows rousing us to a morning thick in ice where nothing flows save time alone leaving tiny gifts in the feeder cleared of … Continue reading

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Bravo Mallory!

. Michigan state Sen. Mallory McMorrow pushed back in a fiery viral speech against the growing trend of Republicans labeling their Democratic opponents as groomers and pedophiles. McMorrow responded Tuesday morning to accusations made in a fundraising email by Republican … Continue reading

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