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Football, Patriotism and Colin Kaepernick

Well, football is back in America very soon; the colleges kick it off this weekend and the NFL follows suit the week after.  And we already have our first national controversy. San Francisco quarterback Colin Kaepernick refused to stand for … Continue reading

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Algorithms – 2041

Tell me Siri Who should I marry? Kylie and Molly both love me but I love them each so differently. Decisions are so hard to make I want to avoid a serious mistake so tell me Siri for you are … Continue reading

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The Americanization of Emily – Paddy Chayefsky – 1964

Lt. Cmdr. Charles E. Madison:  I’m not sentimental about war. I see nothing noble in widows.  I discovered I was a coward. That’s my new religion. I’m a big believer in it. Cowardice will save the world. War isn’t hell at … Continue reading

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On the Application of Military Power

O Lucius Paulus! What are we doing here amongst these tribes bearing Rome nothing but enmity driving us normally benevolent men to increasing harshness? Thick as flies these little people stubborn, with studied animosity beyond all reason and human patience … Continue reading

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    The Cathedral Snack Bar – Asmara, Eritrea – 1965 Bougainvillea Passegiatta Old men doffing borsalinos wearing double breasted suits. Topolinos in the street run as if on memory pretty girls now walking by laughing, giving boys the eye. … Continue reading

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We never fought much or so I remember and only once did I make you cry A lifetime together now less defined reduced to moments less remembered a kiss on the bow of a Brooklyn bound ferry when I was … Continue reading

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  High tropic Summer lies heavy o’er this land sweltering heat and humidity our Amazon, green algae choked seeking it’s path to the open sea trying hard not to disappear into the sodden rain soaked soil Spanish moss as living room drapes Queen … Continue reading

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