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It Ain’t Over Till it’s Over

Well Hillary Clinton crushed Bernie Sanders in the South Carolina Democratic primary election last night, winning 73% of the votes and a proportional number of delegates to the Democratic Convention which will pick the nominee. Clinton won on the strength … Continue reading

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Weekend Delusions

A Re-post.  Today I’m busy working on my tax returns.  The polls are open in South Carolina’s Democratic primary and it is predicted that Hillary Clinton will bury Bernie Sanders on the strength of the black vote, which is in … Continue reading

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The Lust for Power

Well folks, Donald Trump rolls on toward obtaining the nomination of the party of Lincoln while his two main rivals Cruz and Rubio continue to split the Trump opposition between them. Now I consider Rubio, our junior Senator from Florida … Continue reading

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Through a Venetian Blind

Mom would dust the venetian blinds every Saturday morning open and close them with a pull on the cord watching the world  blink appear, disappear and change reappear the same, but slightly different. . Now cranes appear through open blinds, unafraid messengers … Continue reading

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Toritto’s Heart

Torrito went to visit his cardiologist today.  I call him my cardiologist because he is on the payroll along with a primary care physician and a retinal specialist ophthalmologist.   I see them every four to six months whether I need … Continue reading

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A Re-Post From the Last Presidential Election – Nothing’s Changed

Mitt Romney at Bain Capital – the “money shot” Some 55 years ago  (yikes!) I got my first job on Wall Street. I was still a teen and would go to college later. I noticed something right away. There were … Continue reading

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The Gummit vs. Apple

From September 2014   Signaling the commencement of the post-Snowden era, the New York Times reported today that the new Apple iphone6 locks out NSA snooping – and the snoops are pissed. The article may be seen here: The … Continue reading

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Laughing at Mussolini

 A Re-Post from 2014    A young Benito Mussolini It’s easy to laugh at Benito Amilcare Andrea Mussolini today. We see him in those old black and whites. Kind of fat. Bald. Overly dramatic and theatrical.  Silly. Chin thrust out. … Continue reading

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Growing Up and Bernie Sanders

Bernie rally in Wisconsin Yesterday I received my Democratic primary election ballot in the mail for the Florida primary to be held on March 15 – yes I am a registered Democrat and I vote by mail.  I have voted … Continue reading

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Ignorance in America

.” The earth is 4004 years old and Neanderthals roamed with dinosaurs.” “The wild winter in my state disproves global warming“ “The Constitution states that the official language of the United States is English” Well………….no. “When did ignorance become a … Continue reading

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