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Billy and me – New Years Eve – 1959

New Year’s Eve, 1959. It was a mild winter evening in Brooklyn that year. A good night to be in Times Square…not that we were there. We locals always thought Times Square was for tourists. Billy and me were walking the Coney Island boardwalk. Next year – 1960 … Continue reading

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Icy cold frozen moon hanging in a crystalline sky as it was foretold Tree skeletons appear if dead save pines and ivy holly berries red Snow falls on frozen water The sun is gone The fearful cower Fires burning in … Continue reading

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Christmas Greetings

Toritto and his daughters, Marie and Pamela at his 75th birthday party in 2017 . There is nothing I can give you which you have not but much I cannot give which you can take. Take Joy Take Peace Take … Continue reading

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Personent Hodie – 14th Century

 Personent hodie voces puerulae, laudantes iucunde qui nobis est natus, summo Deo datus, et de virgineo ventre procreatus. . In mundo nascitur. pannis involvitur praesepi ponitur stabulo brutorum, rector supernorum. perdidit spolia princeps infernorum. . Magi tres venerunt. parvulum inquirunt, … Continue reading

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Seems Clark boy had been taking some stretching exercises at school.  so he and mommy now do their exercise together – yoga mats and all! 🙂    

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Magi in America – From the Archives

Did the Magi follow the star across the sea to the new land, to America seeking God who will reveal himself again in a cave? God in a cave would be so difficult to find for the star is obscured by … Continue reading

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I Heard From My Congressman!

Well well; guess what? I heard from my Congressman yesterday. Now not for a moment do I believe Congressman Bilirakis reads Toritto’ blog.  It was totally coincidence that he sent me an email yesterday; probably one he sent out to … Continue reading

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My CongressmanSupported the Attempted Coup

Yes, my Congressman joined the attempted coup by the Great Leader in front of the Supreme Court this week by signing on to thee Texas / Red state suit to have the votes of Pennsylvania. Georgia, Wisconsin and Michigan invalidated. … Continue reading

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Christmas Revels and Simple Gifts

  Yes I’m guilty. This will be my 78th Christmas and yes, I am  one of those who gets all warm and fuzzy around Christmas time. People measure their lives in different ways.  Birthdays are the most obvious of course … Continue reading

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Maoz Tzur

For  the first night of Hanukkah – December 10 Isaac Salinas and the Philharmonic of Mexico . . Best wishes to my Jewish friends and readers

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