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Happy Easter!

Last Easter Just a short note  to let you know I will be gone until next week. I will spend the next few day’s preparing for Toritto’s traditional Easter get together! I will have 15 or so guests on Sunday … Continue reading

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Bar Tender – Poem #89

‘She had Susan Hayward’s hair no longer in Vogue tight jeans and spike heeled boots the sculptor’s deft touch to hip and breast. While reaching high for a glass a tattoo above her waist the rest hidden under a sweater … Continue reading

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Through a Venetian Blind – Poem #88

Momma would dust the venetian blinds every Saturday morning open and close them with a pull of the cord watching the world blink appear, disappear and change reappearing the same yet slightly different. Now cranes appear through open blinds unafraid … Continue reading

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A Single Mother at Magic Kingdom – Poem #87

Fairy tales, witches magic enchantments dreams sailing on calm seas the world of children mixed with wonder Angelic eyes fill with a lovely shine; the laughter of kids freshening the air dissipating sadness Carousel music fills the square where sweetness … Continue reading

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April Fool – Poem #86

Who is Wolters and what did he do to have a fort named after him in Mineral Wells where the sky’s not cloudy all day? Loading up flatcars ‘cause we’re gonna keep some Asian domino from fallin’ so Ho don’t … Continue reading

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Twitter Lies as Remington Dies

Ah social media! Those of you who are regular consumers of the tripe circulating on Facebook, Twitter et al know what I’m talking about.  Or perhaps you don’t.  Or perhaps you believe the lies and distortions which reinforce your world … Continue reading

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Times They Are Changing?

A couple of weeks ago on February 22, shortly after the Parkland massacre which killed 17 young people at one of Florida’s finest public schools, I posted a piece entitled “Odds and Ends.” “It is going to be interesting … Continue reading

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