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Incels and Soy Boys

Elliot Rodger – self identified Incel Anyone remember Isla Vista? Yes I know; there have been so many mass murders nowadays that that it is difficult to recall one back in the spring of 2014.   I wrote about it … Continue reading

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Bamboo and Orchids

Well Toritto is back at home on the Florida Gulf coast after having spend a week with my daughter, son in law and grandson Clark in their new home over Thanksgiving. Everyone alive in this country today knows the problems … Continue reading

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Leaving For Thanksgiving!!

Unlike so many “netizens” who inhabit the virtual world, I have a real life – a life filled with daughters, family and real “friends”. Tomorrow I will depart my home without stairs and travel from the West coast of Florida, … Continue reading

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Craiglockhart War Hospital – Voices Of The Great War

Fifty five years ago today I entered the Army.  I clearly remember my first night at Fort Dix in my bunk beginning to feel ill from the massive of doses of multiple vaccines I had received earlier in the day.  … Continue reading

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The Last”Radical” In The House – A Re-Post from 2015

With the election of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to  the House from the same N.Y. area, as well as other “radical” progressives from elsewhere, it is a nice time to remember the last House radical. Vito Marcantonio What do you think of … Continue reading

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There’s Hope In Some Places

A couple of weeks ago during a White House press conference, Jim Acosta, who works for CNN asked a question after being called upon by the President.  President Trump doesn’t like CNN and clearly doesn’t like Jim Acosta. Acosta asked … Continue reading

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Mommy and Daddy Bought Me A New House!

. It’s so pretty!  Clark’s new house! ‘ . Poppa can have a Dewars outside! . My secret garden! . . My space! . . Mommy and Daddy signing the papers! Happy Thanksgiving!! 🙂  

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Toritto’s Cars – 1968 SAAB 96

Yes, I know there is a lot going on here in America worth writing about. The election re-count is on and Republicans are screaming like mad. Our illustrious President is screaming for the re-count to be stopped.  The election is … Continue reading

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Happy Veteran’s Day Poppa!

See You Next Week For Thanksgiving!! . 🙂

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It Ain’t Over Till

Florida voting lines all the votes are counted! A couple of days ago I put up a post – Florida Election – Red and Blues” The mid-terms here in Florida the day after the election resulted in razor thin … Continue reading

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