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Pam, Rob and Thanksgiving

For those of you who might be wondering, Pam and Rob joined us for Thanksgiving last week.  Those who waste their precious time reading me know that Rob had his left leg amputated last Labor Day and has been undergoing … Continue reading

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It Was The “Libs”

To every RINO, every lying journalist, every carjacker, gangbanger, illegal immigrant, every OnlyFans whore, every mobbed-up politician and pundit on the payroll of some Middle Eastern country, to the people that have looted our wealth, addicted our youth to drugs, … Continue reading

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In Memoriam – November 22, 1963

I was 21 years old and on my 5th day of a 4 year hitch in the Army.  The Chaplain came in to tell us the news.  It has been 59 years. . .

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Chopping Off Heads

Saudi Arabia has executed 12 people in 10 days for drug offences after a two-year hiatus, according to a human rights organization. The spate of executions – most of which are beheadings with a sword – is part of a wider … Continue reading

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Crypto, FTX and “Promotional Celebrities”

  The Chairman of FTX – Sam Bankman-Fried.  You gave your money to this guy. The dramatic collapse of the cryptocurrency exchange FTX sent shockwaves around the world last week, especially after it emerged that the exchange’s balance sheet had … Continue reading

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RIHT to RISD – from the Archive

Once upon a time, during the reign of Antoninus Pius, I lived and worked in Providence, Rhode Island. But I’m getting ahead of myself. As a sixteen year old high school graduate I worked in the mail room of the … Continue reading

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Fascism wiWth a Pretty Face

“Local news anchor Kari Lake resisted announcing that Joe Biden had won Arizona on election night two years ago. Since then, she’d become the telegenic new face of Maga Republicanism, poised to possibly become the state’s next governor.” If Lake … Continue reading

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Not Yet Done With the Fascists

Well after months of twenty / thirty something pretty faces telling us in off time and heavyweights telling us in prime that the big red wave was coming, turned out to be a small red trickle, like this diabetic pricking … Continue reading

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Toritto’s Cars – 1968 SAAB 96 – from 2018 (mostly)

About a year ago about this time I purchased a new car.  My 2006 Hyundai was beginning to show its age.  Electrical problems related to the use of computer chips in automobiles.  Even chips get old.  It was time to … Continue reading

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Oh Yeah! I Want In!!

  Twitter was a great deal better off when Elon Musk simply lobbed grenades on the site and made jokes about the number “69.”  Now that he owns the place a few weeks e is already talking about the possibility … Continue reading

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