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The Leeds, Bradford and Barnsley Pals Sheffield City and Grimsby Chums Harrogate and Tenth West Yorkshire heard the call of the pipes and drums All lads who shared a pint together the butcher’s boy and cobbler’s son went off to … Continue reading

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Last Summer’s Affair

Laying my head on your stomach while the sun streamed through the blinds forming stripes caressing your contours just for a moment I thought of biting the thighs of your perfect body. Your sea green eyes animate Summer terns and … Continue reading

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Old Europe

Ah Europe! Last week the UK voted to leave the European Union; well actually England outside of London voted to leave as did Wales.  London, Scotland and Northern Ireland voted to stay.  Now comes the hangover from the drunken deliriousness – … Continue reading

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The Arab Awakening of the 1950s

  “When the Iraqi poet Buland Haidari was buried in London in the summer of 1996, the men and women of Arabic letters who bade him farewell could not miss the poignancy of his fate. Haidari, born in Baghdad in … Continue reading

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Ok British and European Readers – “The Nation”

  Ok my British and European readers!  It’s time to give us your take on Brexit! Here is today’s article in The Nation on their views as to the reasons for the result; the piece was written by Dawn Foster. … Continue reading

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Senate Acts on Guns!! – Naaah!!!

Ready for the zombie apocalypse The deadliest mass shooting in modern U. S, history  and surging support for stricter gun laws weren’t enough to force the Senate to take action Monday. Just over a week after Orlando, the Senate failed to advance a … Continue reading

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The World Bank Says My Money is Coming From Benin!

  WORLD BANK GROUP From Desk of the President World Bank Group, Switzerland. Attention : Beneficiary, I am Dr. JIM YOUNG KIM, the President World Bank Group. You are hereby legally and highly notified with every absolute authorization on your … Continue reading

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On Father’s Day

My father’s Confirmation photo – Circa 1929 My father would have been 99 years old. Not my grandfather or great-grandfather; my father. He never made it to 57. I received a phone call in the middle of a cold January … Continue reading

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And Now Orlando

And now we have Orlando.  After Isla Vista, Columbine, Virginia Tech, Aurora, Newtown, Fort Hood, Boston, Charleston and Lafayette.  Bet you don’t even remember the details of those incidents do you? They’re tough to sort out in memory; after all … Continue reading

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The bones of Richard III Curious things bones; signifying substance and frailty resolve and vulnerability  life and death If there is anything reverent about life it lies in the sad indifference of naked bones, stripped of individuality for under our … Continue reading

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