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Old Woman – Poem #143

A wise old man closer to the exit door may see the image in his mind carved in stone, when all was perfect or perhaps not, for the highs and lows of life come slowly and for us do not … Continue reading

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Pam Does Wendy O.

“Wretched Hope in Neon” Wendy O. Williams, leader of the 80’s punk band “Plasmatics” by Pamela T. in pastel chalk and Magic Marker. . She was probably thinking of her cousin, my nephew, first on the left, who played guitar … Continue reading

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American Male – Poem #142

Lots of you have pandemic hubris “The virus wouldn’t dare!” Really? You’re not as tough as all that drinking beers at the beach pounding the wrong bit of sand thinking you’re immortal till you see your mom is a stat. … Continue reading

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Refugee – Poem #18 – From the Archives

We left our home in novecento padrone,  prominenti, ‘Ndrangheta and the priests the almond trees for golden streets. I wasn’t born with dreams like yours; tending trees I would never own; almond butter, a crust of bread before an empty hungry … Continue reading

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“No Shoes, No Shirt, No Service!”

Florida Governor Ron DiSantis discussing re-opening plans with the Great Leader last month. Hehehe. Those of you out there, undoubtedly Republicans, who just knew the warm weather would result in COVID going away were wrong.  Here in sunny, hot and … Continue reading

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George Washington Williams, the Congo Genocide and “Crimes Against Humanity”

Political cartoon from 1906 showing King Leopold of Belgium entangling the Congolese in rubber coils   So who coined the phrase “Crimes Against Humanity?”  Was it first defined at Nuremberg by the victorious allies?  Or was it used by someone … Continue reading

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Enough With The Statues! Its Time For Fun!

I’m learning how to ride my new bike! This is fun!! Now I’m relaxing and getting something yucky off of my fingers!  Like my feet? And this is me and daddy!  He has his new Corona face! . 🙂

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On Empathy and Andrew Jackson

Well the anarchists, hooligans and thugs were at it again yesterday.   Seems they had a rope around  President Andrew Jackson’s equestrian statue which stands in arguably one of the most honored spaces in America – directly in front of … Continue reading

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Pam’s Latest

“Garden Flower” In pastel chalk and Magic Marker Spending more of her time at home these last several months, Pam has created and sold five of her pieces recently. 🙂

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The Gallant South and Confederate Memorials – From the Archives

There has been a great deal of protest lately against monuments to the Confederacy and  Confederate notables in general.  NASCAR racing circuit banned the flying of the Confederate flag last week in its stadiums.  Today a noose was found the … Continue reading

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