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Ponderings in Lock Down

Victoria’s Secret Model working from home 🙂 How many women now in lockdown ponder Shall I pull up my pajama? Why should I even bother? My shoes think I am dead. Sweat pants – again! Why did I buy so … Continue reading

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Moving to the Head of the Line – Poem #63 – From the Archives

Once when I stood in a line I was younger than everyone; Younger than ball players Younger than cops Younger than soldiers Younger than the check-out lady at the grocery store. Everyone was older than me; I wanted to be … Continue reading

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On Accurately Numbering the Dead

So you are a doctor with an 86 year old patient who comes down with pneumonia and dies.   Then you find out that the  patient was exposed to a son who later tested positive for COVID-19 but was asymptomatic.  … Continue reading

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Patience and Prudence – Poem #62 – From the Archives

At a corner table of a Wendy’s an old woman sits every morning bent over her paper, her coffee and half eaten egg patiently awaiting further attention. In the banality that is old age she thinks how little she enjoyed … Continue reading

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Silent Heroes of the Past – The Spansh Flu

A nurse faces down “liberation” demonstrators in front of a hospital.   Of course the swamp fever right claimed she wasn’t really a nurse.  Just an actress.  In the fall of 1918 the Great War in Europe was winding down … Continue reading

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Sailing Narragansett – Poem #61 – From the Archives

A dim December light breaking dawn of Winter’s night reveals a naked frozen bough hosting a chorus of crows rousing us to morning thick in ice where nothing flows save time alone No match for Winter’s mindless chill is flesh … Continue reading

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A Letter From Kansas

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Well Thank You Dr. Trump!

. Watch Dr. Birx cringe in embarrassment as Dr. Trump recommends injecting disinfectant to cure COVID-19 in a New Yok minute! Get to it all you Trump cultists! My grandmother would recommend using Javel for maximum affect! When I was … Continue reading

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Dancing in the Eye of the Storm – From the Archives – 2014

Tired of my old poetry?   How about some history with pictures! Alexander Ulyanov  – executed by Tsar Alexander III in 1887 Tsar Alexander II was assassinated in 1881 by an organization known as The People’s Will. Instead of hoped … Continue reading

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That’s All There Is – Poem #59 – From the Archives

Watching toddlers frolic at the shore with squirt guns, building sand castles under the watchful eyes of their beautiful MILF mothers sitting nearby in sun hats moist in the heat, beads of sweat collecting in swells and creases, I realized … Continue reading

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