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Ben Hur

Clark Boy as Ben Hur I will be spending a long weekend with my grandson and his parents so I will see ya’all next week. 🙂

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It’s Getting Restless in the Beer Halls

Well the Emperor Don I continues his daily tweet storms to his supporters determined not to lose even one of their votes.  These folks are beginning to look more like a cult for it seems Don was right.  He could … Continue reading

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“What My Escape From Hitler’s Germany Taught Ne About Trump’s America”

An article from “Nation” magazine by Henry Seigman, President Emeritus of the U.S./Middle East Project, a past Senior Fellow on the Council of Foreign Relations.  He formerly headed the American Jewish Congress and the Synagogue Council of America. My … Continue reading

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Augustus, Ovid and Morality – A Re-Post

Well it’s about 30B.C and Gaius Octavius, nephew of Julius Caesar, having defeated Marc Antony and Cleopatra was now Emperor of Rome – actually First Citizen of the State. He had left the institutions of the Roman Republic in tact. … Continue reading

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What Did It Mean To Be a Roman Citizen?

Back in April of 2017 I put up a post entitled “Learning from the Gracchi,” a couple of brothers from ancient Roman history whom some have labelled “the first socialists.”  While reforms instituted by the Gracchi brothers as they each … Continue reading

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Rhode Island and the Coming of Religious Liberty – A Re-Post

Touro Synagogue – Newport Rhode Island – founded by 15 Jewish families arriving in Rhode Island from Barbados in 1658.  It is the oldest synagogue in America. “To hold forth a lively experiment that a most flourishing civil state may … Continue reading

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The Murder of Jean Jaures – July 31, 1914 – A Re-Post

 Jean Jaures “What will the future be like, when the billions now thrown away in preparation for war are spent on useful things to increase the well-being of people, on the construction of decent houses for workers, on improving transportation, … Continue reading

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A Top Dem Loses His Job – To a Socialist!

From right, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Senator Bernie Sanders and James Thompson, a Kansas House candidate, at a campaign event for Mr. Thompson in Wichita on Friday. Several weeks ago there was lots of thunder in the Bronx, In a shocking political … Continue reading

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My Big Boy Haircut!

Before! And After! It’s Summertime! .

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On “Resistance”

y What makes one become a “whistle blower”?  When does one begin to resist? These are just recent musings over my second cup of morning joe,  recalling Sergeant Schultz of Hogan’s Heroes.  “I know nothing! I was not even here!” We … Continue reading

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