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Matchbox Car

  You find it when your old life is lost moving dressers, peering under the bed while trying to make some sense of it all through cobwebs, mites and cat hair furniture and lamps a most familiar room where someone … Continue reading

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Chimpanzee Poetry – A Re – Post For “Writer’s Block!”

🙂 The laws of mathematics postulate the chimp creates a masterpiece simply punching randomly the keys infinitely sitting over them as I do now. I push the keys not randomly yet no great wisdom in the rhyme results in bright … Continue reading

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The Marzabotto massacre was a World War II mass murder of at least 770 civilians by Nazis, which took place in the territory around the small village of Marzabotto, in the mountainous area south of Bologna. It was the worst … Continue reading

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Snortin’ Mammon

Do you think we’d see the light if sunshine cost the wealthy something or would we live in blackest night outside the gate and out of sight? “Mo money! Mo money!” the chant heard from within a choir sings the … Continue reading

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Second Choice

You came looking for me, your second choice long kept on a shelf in the back of your closet with unread books and a college text the throwaways of your younger self; an unwanted toy which never gave voice to the hurt … Continue reading

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Dreams of Samarkand

Having passed three score ten the end of days is fast approaching Where have all the sunsets gone while I was living day to day? Contemplate the living billions few of whom have made a mark I guess I will be one … Continue reading

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Dancing in Brazil

I am satisfied with my daily bread a pinch of salt a cup o’joe a little touch of you at night. A sweet dream while resting on sleep’s shoulder drifting on sleep’s shore a short doze, a light sleep awakened … Continue reading

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