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Keeping Up With The Joads – A Re – Post For Labor Day

We ain’t got no money honey but we got sunshine all the time. No job this year no house no more no future and no hope and it’s hot and dry this summer living here in grandpa’s house. Wish we … Continue reading

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Lest We Forget – For Labor Day

While the Vanderbilt ladies were vying for the title of Best Hostess in Newport, this is what the captains of industry were doing to the rest of us.   Lest we forget “Coal breaker” boys at the Pennsylvania Coal Company.  Their job was … Continue reading

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Catastrophe in Texas

A catastrophe of biblical proportions has struck southeast Texas as hurricane Harvey came ashore at Rockport with 140 plus mile per hour winds, completely destroying the town and has deluged America’s fourth largest city, Houston. The monster storm continues to … Continue reading

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The Bread and Roses Strike – for Labor Day

The Ring Leaders – Notice the hand cuffs So its the first decade of the 20th century and Lawrence, Massachusetts is a deeply troubled textile town.  By 1900, the mechanization and deskilling of labor in the textile industry enabled factory … Continue reading

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See You Next Weekend Grampi! Labor Day! Yay!

Delicious! Nice Teeth Ehh!   Oh!  What a Day! .

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On “Jamiraquai” Statistics

I’m getting like Pete in Beetley.   Yesterday I spent some time looking at the statistics for this blog with particular interest in those posts from the archives still getting daily or almost daily reads. This is not something I … Continue reading

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Chimpanzee Poetry – A Re – Post For “Writer’s Block!”

🙂 The laws of mathematics postulate the chimp creates a masterpiece simply punching randomly the keys infinitely sitting over them as I do now. I push the keys not randomly yet no great wisdom in the rhyme results in bright … Continue reading

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