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Niches and Stones – Poem #111

Niches and stones names and dates marking unknowns to passers by Wait long enough and no one living remembers your name or brings you flowers No one; no flowers since the nineteen sixties; erased from living memory just a name … Continue reading

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St. Vitus Day – June 28, 1914 – Poem #110

Such a warm and pleasant Summer’s day for a leisurely ride on down the Quai the top was down on the Graft und Stift that glorious June St. Vitus Day Breezes ruffled feathers green a helmet adorning his princely head … Continue reading

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Oak – Poem #109

Once in a Winter of discontent I walked in furrows of deep crusted snow through a forest of spindly birch and pine and came upon the ancient oak. Twice the girth a man could ere embrace; ten times as thick … Continue reading

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Channeling Botticelli – Poem #108

Simonetta Canttaneo de Candia Vespucci- (1453 – 1476) The face of the Italian Renaissance . La bella Simonetta looking to the distant not at me at the London National Gallery Born in that stern Ligurian region up above the sea … Continue reading

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Summer – 1914 – Poem #107

It was a Summer of banners, awash in tunics, red and blue bedecked with golden epaulets black boots, silver stirrups pipes, drums, trumpets and Tatoo. It was a Summer of boasts and toasts of poems, songs and innocent prayers nights … Continue reading

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The Iconoclasts

Iconoclast:  One who attacks and seeks to overthrow traditional or popular ideas or institutions. Well the above definition is the modern secular version of the word.  Originally it derives from the Greek eikonoklastēs, formed from the elements eikōn, “image, likeness,” … Continue reading

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11:11 – Poem #106

She visits at 11:11 sometimes A.M;  mostly P a sudden haunting urges me to look at a clock which must be digital. Dropping by for just a moment only at 11:11 the time, our private denouement I look around and … Continue reading

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