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Labor Day Weekend Musings and Andrew Gillum

Well its Labor Day weekend here in America folks.  Not that Labor Day honors “labor” anymore.  I mean, who do you know that considerers themselves “working class?”  We are all “middle class,” unless of course you’re poor or one of … Continue reading

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The Bread and Roses Strike – A Re-Post For Labor Day

The Ring Leaders – Notice the hand cuffs So its the first decade of the 20th century and Lawrence, Massachusetts is a deeply troubled textile town.  By 1900, the mechanization and deskilling of labor in the textile industry enabled factory … Continue reading

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The Florida Stun

Yesterday was kind of a lazy day for this old retired crank living in Shady Hills, Florida.  It was primary election day here and I had already voted by mail several weeks ago as a registered Democrat. The airwaves have … Continue reading

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Greeks, Turks and Ouzo

Toritto at the Acropolis – 1994  It’s 1994 and the Great American Travel Company sends me off to Athens to take a look at local operations. I haven’t been to Greece since 1966; Athens was a stop on my way to … Continue reading

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“Where Do Babies Come From?”

“So daddy, where do babies come from?” (cough) Well the stork delivers them! Of course we laugh when we think about such questions…and answers.  Everyone knows where babies come from and why.  At some point in your life you learned … Continue reading

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. . Yummy! .

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On John McCain

John McCain stepping off of the plane from Hanoi greeted by Richard M. Nxon Yesterday I put up a simple “In Memoriam” post marking the passing of John McCain.  There was no commentary; only a picture of the Senator and … Continue reading

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In Memoriam – Senator John McCain


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The Green Corn Revolution

Secretary of War Newton Baker draws the first number of the lottery created by the 1917 Selective Draft Act. No, the post is not about a new Monsanto GMO variety of corn. It is about a “revolution” in Oklahoma, of … Continue reading

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Rebel Girl – Elizabeth Gurley Flynn – For Labor Day

“FOR PEACE and socialism is in the hearts, in the minds, on the lips of millions around the world…The ‘sun of tomorrow’ shines upon us. The future is ours.” So said one of the giants of American radicalism, Elizabeth Gurley … Continue reading

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