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See You Next Week!

I just wanted to let you’all  know that you probably won’t see me here again until next week. Unlike many “netizens” of the virtual world, I have real “friends” and family.  This old man gets invited to every holiday occasion, … Continue reading

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Tales of a Polish Woman

Originally posted several years ago on a curated site elsewhere  Christine Granville, nee Krystyna Skarbek, O.B.E., GM, Croix de Guerre, died tragically on June 15, 1952. She was a Special Operations Executive Agent during the war, celebrated for her daring … Continue reading

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April Fool

for my mom – gone 49 years next week Who is Wolters and what did he do to have a fort named after him in Mineral Wells where the sky’s not cloudy all day? Loading up flatcars ‘cause we’re gonna … Continue reading

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Tearless the Enemies of Peace

Dalton Trumbo with his wife Cleo at the House Un-American Activities Committee hearings in 1947. “World War I began like a Summer festival – all billowing skirts and golden epaulets. Millions upon millions cheered from the sidewalks while plumed Imperial … Continue reading

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On Palm

The walls of Jerusalem The children shout We’re here! We’re here! See their first palm at Florida’s border. Bodies relaxing under palm trees cooling breezes Bora-Bora There are tall palms standing outside Baghdad giving shade to weak and weary drawing … Continue reading

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The Insulin Racket

Most of you who waste your precious time reading this blog know that I am “elderly”; I will be 73 later this year. What you probably don’t know is that I have been a type 1 diabetic for virtually all … Continue reading

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The Luncheonette

  The old man shuffled in the doorway of a Brooklyn luncheonette on a bright Autumn Saturday morning. The door was open. He breathed the air before going in. Fresh air mixed with restaurant smells. The waitress behind the soda counter, in … Continue reading

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