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See You Next Week!

I just wanted to let you’all  know that you probably won’t see me here again until next week. Unlike many “netizens” of the virtual world, I have real “friends” and family.  This old man gets invited to every holiday occasion, … Continue reading

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Tales of a Polish Woman

Originally posted several years ago on a curated site elsewhere  Christine Granville, nee Krystyna Skarbek, O.B.E., GM, Croix de Guerre, died tragically on June 15, 1952. She was a Special Operations Executive Agent during the war, celebrated for her daring … Continue reading

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April Fool

for my mom – gone 49 years next week Who is Wolters and what did he do to have a fort named after him in Mineral Wells where the sky’s not cloudy all day? Loading up flatcars ‘cause we’re gonna … Continue reading

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Tearless the Enemies of Peace

Dalton Trumbo with his wife Cleo at the House Un-American Activities Committee hearings in 1947. “World War I began like a Summer festival – all billowing skirts and golden epaulets. Millions upon millions cheered from the sidewalks while plumed Imperial … Continue reading

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On Palm

The walls of Jerusalem The children shout We’re here! We’re here! See their first palm at Florida’s border. Bodies relaxing under palm trees cooling breezes Bora-Bora There are tall palms standing outside Baghdad giving shade to weak and weary drawing … Continue reading

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The Insulin Racket

Most of you who waste your precious time reading this blog know that I am “elderly”; I will be 73 later this year. What you probably don’t know is that I have been a type 1 diabetic for virtually all … Continue reading

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The Luncheonette

  The old man shuffled in the doorway of a Brooklyn luncheonette on a bright Autumn Saturday morning. The door was open. He breathed the air before going in. Fresh air mixed with restaurant smells. The waitress behind the soda counter, in … Continue reading

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Bibi King

Bibi King. That was the tabloid like headline on the front page of the New York Post this morning. Bibi won. He shamelessly played the “race” card in desperation. “The Arabs are voting in droves!”. Yup. Those citizens are voting. … Continue reading

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The Hero of My Lai

W/O Hugh Thompson – 1968 This past week was the 47th anniversary of the My Lai massacre, which occurred on March 16, 1968. I had been discharged from the Army the previous November after doing four years . My brother, … Continue reading

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I Heard Marlene Dietrich Sing

Saw some 1920’s photos when we had ended all the wars thinking we would all be rich livin’ fat and driving fancy cars But it didn’t quite turn out that way as kids went over there again once more to … Continue reading

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