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Promised Land – A Re-Post

Springtime in the rural South land; soon it will he hot and moist like four teenage girls in short shorts sitting on a mat in the gymnasium trying to look sultry A well seasoned town with septic tanks gators and … Continue reading

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The New Fault Line in America’s Electorate

270 electoral votes needed to win Last night the United States and the Democratic Party experienced a historic moment – the nomination of the first woman for the office of President.  Eight years ago this same party nominated the first … Continue reading

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Hillary and the White Working Class

So everyone knows by now that Hillary Clinton was nominated yesterday for the office of President by the Democratic National Convention.  Everyone except some of the Bernie children in their first rodeo knew it was going to happen. Unlike the … Continue reading

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Will the Convention PLEASE Come to Order!

Debbie Wasserman-Schulz Well the Democratic National Convention was gaveled to order yesterday amid chaos and raucous demonstrations by supporters of Senator Bernie Sanders. Over the weekend Julian Assange got his revenge as Wikileaks released some 20,000 emails hacked from the … Continue reading

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Pokémon-Go, the Zombie Apocalypse and the C.I.A.

Nothing can make you feel older than watching a bunch of adolescent teens wondering around the neighborhood staring at their phones looking for Pokemon-Go monsters.  I no longer fear the zombie apocalypse for I have seen it with my own … Continue reading

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Norwegian Bells

  Today is the 5th anniversary of the massacre of 77 Norwegians by a Anders Breivik, a neo Nazi.    The dead were mostly young people attending a “leftist” summer youth camp.  All he needed was the hat. Bells should ring … Continue reading

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The Insulin Racket – Part II

In March 2015 I posted The Insulin Racket outlining how venture capitalists financed the development of recombinant DNA “human” insulin and how the drug companies which manufacture insulin drove the old pig and cattle based insulins off of the market. … Continue reading

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Dancing in Brazil

I am satisfied with my daily bread a pinch of salt a cup o’joe a little touch of you at night. A sweet dream while resting on sleep’s shoulder drifting on sleep’s shore a short doze, a light sleep awakened … Continue reading

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Fethullah Gulen – What? Who?

Many of you who waste your precious time reading my blog may occasionally say to yourselves “There he goes again!  Toritto the know-it-all!”.  I wouldn’t surprise me and it’s OK.  My daughters, when they were kids, once bought their old … Continue reading

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The Threat of Radical Presbyterianism

So a couple of days ago I put up a post wishing everyone a happy Bastille Day along with a Youtube video of the finest rendition of Le Marseillaise I know. By night fall the happy day had turned to … Continue reading

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