A Father With Daughters in Defense of Women

Once upon a time back in 1964 while I was in Eritrea defending America, my wife worked in lower Manhattan for a steamship company.  She was 19 years old and the bosses’ secretary.  The office consisted of a large open space surrounded by a balcony of private offices where the management worked.

She was young, attractive and her husband was far away.  One married member of management began putting the moves on her.  When passing her on the balcony he would make suggestive remarks, inappropriate even in 1964.

She ignored it for awhile which only seemed to encourage our Casanova.  Finally, he went over the line with one particularly offensive remark.

On the balcony and in full public view of the worker bees below, she let him have it – out loud so every one could hear.  She would no longer tolerate his remarks, she was not interested and to leave her the hell  alone!

His penis effectively shriveled from a public shaming, he never bothered her again.

My daughters had a couple of issues while in school  My youngest had a wrapped condom passed to her by a classmate in middle school (!) along with a smirk and a smile.  She promptly turned it over to the teacher pointing the young man out and that, as they say, was that.

An incident in high school involving both of my daughters brought me to a meeting in the Principal’s office where I confronted the young man and his friends out in the hall outside the office.  Again there were no further problems.

Bill Cosby went to jail this week convicted of drugging and assaulting a woman in his home.    She was a Temple University employee and he was its most famous alumnus.

It took 60 – that’s sixty – women claiming a similar experience to bring one case against the celebrity.  It required opening sealed settlement documents with one of the accusers in which Cosby admitted giving her drugs and assaulting her.  Most of the cases could not be brought due to the statute of limitations – but one could.

The first trial ended in a hung jury.  Only the victim was allowed to testify (none of the other women) and it wasn’t enough to convince 12 citizens that this famous person was guilty of this one sexual assault.

It took a second trial in which the Judge allowed 5 women in addition to our Temple employee, to testify, to convict.  Each related a similar tale of dinner, being drugged and sexual assault.  Sixty women accused him and it took two trials to convict him of one assault.

Do you wonder why women have not bothered to speak out?

And so we come to Brett Kavanaugh, who will soon sit on the Supreme Court of this nation, barring an Act of God.

There was an article today on NBC News.

Christine “Cricket” Keating had a close-knit circle of friends growing up in Montgomery County, Maryland, in the 1980s — but there were some things they never discussed.

Keating and her friends — classmates at Georgetown Visitation Preparatory School and other all-girls Roman Catholic schools in the area — were part of the same privileged set as Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford, though Keating was not friends with them. At that time, alcohol-fueled parties and drunken carousing were the norm, Keating and her schoolmates said.

It was not until this month – after Ford alleged publicly that Kavanaugh assaulted her at one of those high school parties more than three decades ago, an  allegation he has vehemently denied – that women who attended the parties as teenagers began sharing their own stories of sexual assault and the shame and fear that kept them quiet afterward.  Manyare now taking a fresh look at their high school experiences and are grappling with a new understanding of what happened to them decades ago.

“We had a strong friendship network and yet there was a curtain of silence,” said Keating, who graduated from Georgetown Visitation in 1985 and has been horrified recently to read her classmates’ accounts on private social media groups of what they experienced.

Ford, she said, “is breaking that culture of silence.”

A dozen women who attended Catholic and private prep schools in the Montgomery County area in the 1980s spoke to NBC News this week, seven of them on the record. The women — most of whom signed an open letter saying they believed Ford’s allegation, and all but two of whom did not know her or Kavanaugh personally — shared their memories of kegs, bonfires and unsupervised beach houses where heavy drinking fueled sexually inappropriate comments and behavior and attacks that were never spoken of afterward.

The women said they were warned by other girls about the aggression of boys from neighboring Catholic schools, particularly Georgetown Prep which Kavanaugh attended. Raised frfon an early age in the moneyed Catholic community to remain chaste, the women said they believed anything that compromised that chastity was their fault – even if they were forced.

After reading other women’s stories in one of the Facebook groups, one graduate of the all-girls Stone Ridge shared for the first time with some members of the group that she was raped in 1982 at a high school party, two weeks before she was scheduled to leave for college.

“It’s been cathartic,” said the woman, who asked not to be identified out of fear of bringing shame to her family, who still live in the Washington area, and damaging her professional reputation.

“So many of us thought we were alone,” she said. “But we weren’t. When we heard Christine’s story, we knew that story. We’d experienced it.”

Julie Swetnick alleged this week that Kavanaugh had spiked punch at house parties in the early 1980s to cause women to become intoxicated so they could be passed from boy to boy and assaulted, an allegation Kavanaugh denied and called “ridiculous and from the twilight zone.” Swetnick’s description did not surprise several women who spoke to NBC News and had attended Montgomery County high school parties in the 1980s.

One woman, who graduated from an all-girls school just south of Georgetown Prep the same year as Kavanaugh graduated, said she was 15 the night she was at one of those parties and lost track of her friends. She was alone with four boys and she was raped, she said, but she didn’t call it that until many years later.

Allyson Redpath, who graduated from Stone Ridge in 1982, said she heard from other girls from an early age that she should be wary of the boys from Georgetown Prep, which she and several other women who spoke to NBC News said had the worst reputation for misbehavior of the boys’ Catholic schools in the area. Georgetown Prep was considered a brother school to Stone Ridge.  “Georgetown boys were Kings!”

“The assumption was, if something happened to you, that it was your own fault because you should have known it was going to happen to you,” Redpath said. “And nobody was going to do anything to protect you. The only thing that would happen is you would be shamed. So there was really no point in saying anything or in telling anybody.

Yesterday’s hearing turned into a  “he said – she said” moment.  Ford was questioned by an Arizona proseecutor hired by the GOP.  Kavanaugh spoke loudly and emotionally, the good Catholic emphatically denying that he did it.

No further investigation needed. Case closed.  Do you wonder why women don’t say anything?

She is simply mistaken or she is a pawn of the Democrats who planned this “smear campaign”..

Today in Rome he magazine of the Jesuit religious order in the United States has publicly withdrawn its endorsement of Judge Brett Kavanaugh as Supreme Court justice following testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee by the Jesuit-educated Kavanaugh and the woman accusing him of sexually assaulting her decades ago.

The editorial in America magazine stated “If Senate Republicans proceed with his nomination, they will be prioritizing policy aims over a woman’s report of an assault,” the editors wrote. “Were he to be confirmed without this allegation being firmly disproved, it would hang over his future decisions on the Supreme Court for decades and further divide the country.”

The reversal is significant given Kavanaugh has repeatedly cited his Catholic faith and Jesuit education in defending himself against Ford’s accusations.  Twice in his opening statement yesterday he referenced his Jesuit education at Georgetown Prep and his strong Catholic beliefs.

Of course it will make no difference.  His performance yesterday revealed him for what he is – a partisan warrior wrapped in robes – not an impartial jurist.

He never was an impartial jurist.

P,S.  As I finished drafting this post the Senate Judiciary Committee voted 11 – 10 along strict party lines to send the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the full Senate.  In a dramatic reversal however, Senator Jeff Flake, (R) Arizona, who is not running for re-election stated that he would vote “No” on the Senate floor on any motion to commence debate on the nomination without an FBI investigation.  If 2 female Republican Senators who have expressed a desire for a full investigation joined Senator Flake the GOP would be unable to move to a Senate vote.  The GOP holds a slim 51 – 49 majority and cannot lose 3 Republican votes.

P.P.S – The Republican whip John Cornyn announced that there will be an investigation by the FBI before a vote on the nomination.  It means he doesn’t have the votes to move forward.

This is what happened to Senator Flake today after he indicated he would vote to recommend Kavanaugh and BEFORE he called for an FBI investigation.  Remember he is NOT up for re-election and has nothing to lose by voting his conscious



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3 Responses to A Father With Daughters in Defense of Women

  1. beetleypete says:

    Looks like it is going ‘to the wire’. If the man had any dignity, he would stand down.
    But dignity seems to be in short supply in a lot of places at the moment.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. A small victory in the possibility of further look into the background of Trumps nominee. I felt and relate to
    Your text.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. leggypeggy says:

    Miraculously I’ve never been raped, but I’ve been sexually assaulted many times over. Just lucky to be aggressive enough to hold my own. Hoping this small victory leads to a big one.

    Liked by 1 person

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