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George Washington Williams and the Congo Genocide

Political cartoon from 1906 showing King Leopold of Belgium entangling the Congolese in rubber coils   “At the very beginning of the twentieth century there was an unquenchable demand in America and Europe for an amazing new technology—air-filled rubber tires. … Continue reading

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American Gulag

A re-post from February 2015 A concrete room seven by twelve measured by feet placed one in front of the other in the straight line I have walked for decades. . Concrete furniture permanently arranged table, chair, bed I have … Continue reading

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American Guernica

In a dream the guns came out drowning out the voice of reason unheard the cries of little children no one cared who fired first. One side killing all the godless the other killing all the priests both were hunting … Continue reading

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Happy Easter – See You Next Week!

Toritto in Eritrea – 1965 I just wanted to let you’all  know that you probably won’t see me here again until next week. Unlike many “netizens” of the virtual world, I have real “friends” and family.  This old man gets … Continue reading

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“Life” in 1942

I’m getting ready to host my annual Easter get-t0gether this weekend.  I’ll probably have 17 at my home this Sunday for dinner with 5 adults and an infant staying with me from Friday till Monday morn. While preparing this week … Continue reading

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A Day at the Races

A re-post from last Spring – originally published at a curated site elsewhere The young Emperor of the East at Constantinople was preparing to flee the city, effectively abdicating his throne. The mobs had been outside the palace complex for … Continue reading

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…you stayed like that for forty years caring for the children Maurice the poodle Millie the wire haired dachshund Trixie the cat in that order refrigerator magnets neatly in a line.. places we had been or our daughter had been … Continue reading

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Snortin’ Mammon

Do you think we’d see the light if sunshine cost the wealthy something or would we live in blackest night outside the gate and out of sight? “Mo money! Mo money!” the chant heard from within a choir sings the … Continue reading

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On Palm Sunday

Soldiers resting under the palm trees in Iraq, near the town of Karmah. (Photo from Michael J. Totten’s foreign correspondence blog) The children shout We’re here! We’re here! See their first palm at Florida’s border. Bodies relaxing under palm trees; the cooling … Continue reading

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Pick a Color

There has been a lot in the press about Tramp and the increasing violence of his followers. There  is little doubt the Donald, with his rabble rousing, nativist xenophobia inspires it while at the same time refusing to condemn it.  After all, … Continue reading

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