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Orbeez Challenge

As an old man who will be80 this fall you can probably guess I’m not much for social media.  I am not on Face Book (excuse me – Meta), Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, Tumblr et al.  I can be seen nowhere … Continue reading

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Will Smith Stole the Line

. Will Smith used the line in his “apology” at the Oscars last night; first 43 secs. He stole it from Anthony Quinn 🙂

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The Godfather at Fifty

Fifty years or so ago a young Italian American married couple went to a movie one Saturday night in Staten Island.  We went to see The Godfather. We were the children of immigrants living on an island in New York … Continue reading

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Court of Political Hacks

Ginni Thomas Not too long ago a case appeared before the Supreme Court of the United States.  It concerned whether or not the January 6 Investigating Committee of the House could obtain documents of the Trump administration relating to the … Continue reading

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A Box of Trojans Please! – from The Archives

Yes my children. Though some of you might not believe it we had sex in the ‘50s. Yes we did. Even the Cleavers though on black and white TV no one ever had sex. Or went to a toilet. Now … Continue reading

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The Good German of Nanking – from the History Archive

So you’re a middle-aged German business man, working for Siemens A.G. in Nanking, China in 1938.  You’re a member in good standing of the Nazi Party (though you haven’t lived in Germany for almost 30 years) and you begin to … Continue reading

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By day, rokurokubi appear to be ordinary women. By night, however, their bodies sleep while their necks stretch to an incredible length and roam around freely. Interpretation by Pamela T. Crayon, Pencil and Magic Marker 18 X 24 .

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Kronstadt and the End of the Revolution – from the History Archive

A Re-Post from March 2015 It was the first weeks of March, 1921 in the new Union of the Soviet Socialist Republics. Kronstadt was and still is a naval fortress on an island in the Gulf of Finland. It served … Continue reading

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The Female Faces of the “Pro-Life” Movement

State Representative Mary Elizabeth Coleman of Missouri Unless you are living in a cave or hiding under a rock you know that Texas recently passed a law banning abortion two weeks after a first missed period.  That’s right.  Six weeks.  … Continue reading

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The NYC Orange Riots – From the History Archive

The Catholic Irish as depicted in Harper’s Weekly And so it was July 12, 1871 – Boyne Day – and the Orange Order of Irish Protestants marched down Broadway, surrounded by 1,000 New York City Police and five regiments of … Continue reading

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