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Plain Girl – from the Poetry Archive

A plain girl dressed by Walmart holds her books against her breasts looking down at the floor through unfashionable glasses while walking down the hall to English lit. No one sees her running the gauntlet ‘cept of course the mean … Continue reading

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Gifts from Crows – from the Poetry Archive

Dim December’s light breaking dawn of Winter’s night reveals a naked frozen bough hosting the chorus of crows rousing us to a morning thick in ice where nothing flows save time alone leaving tiny gifts in the feeder cleared of … Continue reading

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Somme -For Remembrance Day

The Leeds, Bradford and Barnsley Pals Sheffield City and Grimsby Chums Harrogate and Tenth West Yorkshire heard the call of the pipes and drums All lads who shared a pint together the butcher’s boy and cobbler’s son went off to … Continue reading

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Leaving Alexandria

I could not stay in Alexandria the brilliant blue sea, the cloudless sky the perfect yellow shore all lovely; bathed in light. Standing there, day dreaming of Antony lost was he between her limbs High Priestess of Isis intoxicated Roman. … Continue reading

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Dancing to Perfidia – Poem #15 – From the Archives

The Hotel Torino – Massawa, Eritrea built by the Fascists when Eritrea was an Italian colony.  In 1960s it had a roof top bar; 20 year old Toritto  misspent a portion of his youth in Eritrea and had many a drink … Continue reading

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Timepiece – Poem #141

I have a temporary home at Bulgari on the via Condotti, out of sight of the hoi-polloi. I am seen only by those who matter by appointment to those who are driven rather than drive who live in palazzi or … Continue reading

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Time is Money – A Lost Early Poem

If time was money millions would die so that the few could live forever. They will pay you just minutes and charge you in hours raising prices till you run out of time. The rich will own the centuries cleaning … Continue reading

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Vishnu’s Dream – Poem #94 – From the Archives

In my rear view mirror a vision of Saladin entering Jerusalem while fighting Cambyses returns from Egypt with gold, ivory and slaves. A Roman legion lost in the desert the man-god Alexander spilling blood from Thebes to India an image … Continue reading

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Winged Victory – Poem #49 – for Memorial Day

The Mekong – Vietnam . The fields are fully green again where only yesterday was shed wild blood of exuberant youth beauteous youth their blood staining the earth still, though unseen now, the stain beneath fields of green flowering gardens. … Continue reading

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Moment of Perfection – Poem #30 – From the Archives

I don’t recall which day it was of the thousands I have lived when I realized that nothing lasts and what a shame it was that perfection is for just a moment before the downward slope begins. I don’t know … Continue reading

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