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Road North

I went down to forensics yesterday they asked for a sample of DNA They had found some bones yet unidentified. I turn and turn like an apple being peeled At home I dust the plastic flowers surrounding your picture brother. … Continue reading

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Magi in America

Did the Magi follow the star across the seas to the new land, to America seeking God who will reveal himself again in a cave? God in a cave; now so difficult to find for the star is obscured by bright … Continue reading

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Contagion of the Crowd – Poem #137

“Some disorders occurred today” is what the first communique might say “but nothing serious you see”; Unwittingly. Until the explosion in their faces; the movement coming unexpected for while the professionals were proposing the amateurs were disposing. The pretext for … Continue reading

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Perfection – Poem #34

She thought Hell must be empty ‘cause all the demons were here in this dark lonely place she once thought was heaven. He was life sucking in his perfection leaving her an empty husk no longer the woman she once … Continue reading

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On Tea With An Old Bolshevik

“1919 the year was cold Oh we were hungry but we felt free of the bourgeoisie autocracy while the soldiers of the west made war upon the Worker’s country capitalists fearful their own oppressed might come to read your Shelly” … Continue reading

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Thoughts While Writing Out Christmas Cards – A Re-Post

Into the mail box the cards are delivered, angels, a manger, the star and a lamb as the rural carrier makes her rounds listening to the plaintive sounds the bleats of sheep the clopping of camels the shuffle of sandals … Continue reading

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Longest Night – A Re-Post for the Winter Solstice

This longest night come stay  with me I’ll meet you near the trees out back You always visit in a dream a soft sweet kiss and then away Consider this an invite so fitting for the longest night; expect you … Continue reading

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