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Plain Girl – A Re-Post

A plain girl dressed by Walmart holds her books against her breasts looking down at the floor through unfashionable glasses while walking down the hall to English lit. No one sees her running the gauntlet ‘cept of course the mean … Continue reading

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Shukkeien Gingko

Seventy two years ago today America was in-between the bombing of Hiroshima and the yet to come attack on Nagasaki.  The Hiroshima anniversary was the past Sunday while Nagasaki would be devastated tomorrow.   In Hiroshima there was a park, … Continue reading

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Tropic Nights

  After the rain he went into the night listening to frogs and crickets, moonlit dragonflies clacking palms and jacaranda thinking of her recalling nights they gave themselves to sensuality excitement bestowed on one another in a bed of dark … Continue reading

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Nostalgia – A Repost

Are the roses in bloom in the Bois de Boulogne Wild flowers ablaze in the cool Texas dawn? Do high heels still rule on the Champs-Élysées La moda high style on the Rue de la Paix?   Does the temple … Continue reading

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A Florida Summer re-post  High tropic Summer lies heavy o’er this land sweltering heat and humidity our Amazon, green algae choked seeking it’s path to the open sea trying hard not to disappear into the sodden rain soaked soil Spanish moss as living … Continue reading

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Knowing Her Place

The armies face each other black and white across a battlefield of squares dark and light opening hostilities the King’s foot soldiers charge forward, boots on the center ground strategic advantage; How will the enemy respond? Emulate the Spanish or … Continue reading

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If Poetry Could Raise the Dead

  For Memorial Day – a Re-Post Flanders If poetry could raise the dead the earth would bleed where they had bled to flow back into fallen soldiers who would rise, young and filled with wonder and they would laugh … Continue reading

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