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Country Before Party – A Tale from History – From the Archives

It is the Spring of 1964, Lyndon Banes Johnson is President and 22 year old Toritto is in the Army.  LBJ had become President on November 22, 1963 with the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Johnson was a Democrat – … Continue reading

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Face – A Poem

I have destroyed my face; Early in my life it was already too late. At 20 it was already too late At 20 I began to age This aging, I saw it subtle yet brutal spread across my features One … Continue reading

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Leaving Alexandria

I could not stay in Alexandria the brilliant blue sea, the cloudless sky the perfect yellow shore all lovely; bathed in light. Standing there, day dreaming of Antony lost was he between her limbs High Priestess of Isis intoxicated Roman. … Continue reading

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What I Did This Weekend!!

We drove to grandpa’s house!!  I wore his sun glasses! And we played with his phone!! . And watched the Disney channel too!! . . This is us!!  I’m on the left!! I played with bubbles out back.  That’s daddy … Continue reading

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What Are You Eating!!

Crackers!!  Wanna see? See you this weekend Papa! 🙂

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Khrushchev is Coming!!

It was September of 1959 and young Toritto, who had just turned 17 years old, was working full time in the mailroom of what would become Citibank in New York City.  I had graduated the previous May from Lafayette High … Continue reading

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Opening Schools, Childcare and the Great Divide

Well I am certainly glad that I no longer have school aged children.  My grandson is only 3 and his mom is able to work from home so we don’t have to fret the idea of school re-opening here in … Continue reading

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Matchbox Car – Poem #127 – From the Archives

  You find it when your old life is lost moving dressers, peering under the bed while trying to make some sense of it all through cobwebs, mites and cat hair furniture and lamps a most familiar room where someone … Continue reading

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Don’t Ask….Don’t Tell.

Don’t ask… Julius Caesar Julius Caesar. Dictator and conqueror of the “barbaric” Gauls, lead an active sex life. Indeed, on long marches, his troops would sing songs about the “bald adulterer” as well as his bi-sexuality.  He was known to … Continue reading

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Pamela’s Art in Lockdown

“Narnia” in Blue The latest work by Pamela T. in pastel chalks and Magic Marker. Portrait of the artist as a child 🙂  

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