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Donald Trump and Paula White

Ok Toritto.  Who the hell is Paula White? We all know there are fanatics and crazies out there.  Especially religious ones.   We tend to shake our heads at the likes of the Taliban and Salafists – those who think … Continue reading

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Looking For Jmmie Stewart

  Any one remember Jimmie Stewart? You old guys and gals do; the star of  “Mr.  Smith Goes to Washington.”  Back in the day, Jimmie Stewart, a real live war hero was the combination of Tom Hanks and John McCain.  … Continue reading

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Domestica – From the Archives – For the Poor

Yesterday the Supreme Court ruled 5 -4 that the Trump administration could ban issuing Green Cards to immigrants whom the government determines “MIGHT  become public charges,” effectively banning the poor.  Next time you go to Vegas or stay at a … Continue reading

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The Liberation – 75 Years Ago Today

Ellie Weisel Today is Holocaust Remembrance Day   – the day 75 years ago when the Auschwitz death camp  was liberated by Soviet Red Army troops.  Since the Shoah, different nations have embraced different narratives of the tragedy. It is … Continue reading

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Gasparilla! America’s Third Largest Parade!

“The Gasparilla Pirate Festival is a large parade and a host of related community events held in Tampa, Florida almost every year since 1904.   The theme of the festivities is an invasion by the mythical pirate José Gaspar (also … Continue reading

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On Our Authoritarian Drift

Suppose Donald J. Trump is re-elected for another term this coming November.  What will this mean for America?  What and who will come after Donald J. Trump completes his second term, assuming of course he peacefully leaves office? I fully … Continue reading

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Chicken of the Trees!”

Back in October I putt up a post about Donald the lizard who lives in my lanai and, rather than pay rent, he is charged with eating any creature smaller than himself which creeps under the lanai door. He does … Continue reading

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