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Paints and Ladders

You gaze upwards at the ceiling peeling and covered in smoke from the candles you light daily taking prayers to heaven You shake your head in despair;               it needs paint                         yet you are … Continue reading

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“Have You No Sense of Decency Sir?”

Well its been a busy week here in the United States pf America, land of the free and home of the brave while I decided I would write about almonds, watches and sex dolls. “Trump Care” went down to defeat…again. … Continue reading

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Toritto’s Almonds

vfvi via Scarangella  –  Toritto, Italy My paternal grandfather Francesco came to America in January 1906 with three children and a new wife.  His wife Antonia had died in Italy and Francesco, now in his early 30s, needing a new … Continue reading

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Sassy and Self Interest

The young man in “perfect health” has about 30K followers on the Twitters. He gushes Trump, and he’s your very typical supporter: low-paying job, yet fights his own self interests. Loves to play martyr, yet bashes real victims. Claims to love God and … Continue reading

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The Destruction of Messina and the Italian Exodus – A Re-Post

On December 28, 1908 at about 5:30 in the morning the greatest earthquake to ever strike the European continent in modern times struck Messina in Sicily. Messina was home to about 180,000 at the time. It was Italy’s 3rd largest … Continue reading

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Leasing Your Sex Doll In China – :-)

Ah what to write about today!  How do I write about this with smirking? There really is a lot going on in our political arena; so many topics and so little time. I could choose to expound on our illustrious … Continue reading

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The Wrist Watch

It will be coming up on 50 years since the day she gave me the watch.  November 17, 1967. It was the day I was discharged from the Army after 4 years of honorable service.  It was also the day … Continue reading

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Shameless Self Promotion!

An Excerpt from Sun City – poems from 2014 Many of the poems in this 48 page chapbook have appeared on this blog.  The pieces were written and the book designed, edited and self published in 2015.   No movie … Continue reading

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“Please! No More Of Your Garbage!”

One of many small Chinese recycling family businesses America had a plan.  Not to worry. We had a secret, long term plan as to how this fair Republic would meet the challenge of China’ s rise to global power. We … Continue reading

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For Nickie – Who Would Have Been 72 tomorrow – A Re-Post

Mom holding baby Nicholas.   Taken in Brookville Lake State Park on Long Island, Spring 1949. Nicholas, Alfred  and me. In that order, youngest to oldest. The three sons of Danny and Mary. Mom, me, Alfred and Nicholas in front at … Continue reading

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