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“It Was The Best of Times…..

it was the worst of times.” Thus the opening line of Dickens’ “A Tale of Two Cities”  a historical novel set in London and Paris before and during the French Revolution. The novel tells the story of the French Doctor … Continue reading

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The Real King of England

Edward IV  – King of England In June of 2012 an Australian guy named Mike Hastings, a forklift operator living in the outback, passed away at age 71. Why was his passing noteworthy?  Why did his passing rate an article … Continue reading

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Craiglockhart War Hospital – Voices Of The Great War

Fifty five years ago today I entered the Army.  I clearly remember my first night at Fort Dix in my bunk beginning to feel ill from the massive of doses of multiple vaccines I had received earlier in the day.  … Continue reading

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Queen of the Florida Straits

Everyone has heard of prohibition.   Well probably not, considering the condition of some of our pubic schools.  The younger crowd may not know what it was  – kind of like ancient history akin to studying the reign of the … Continue reading

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“Buck Buck! How Many Horns Are Up?”

hffe OMG! – Those kids don’t have bike helmets on!  Call the cops on their parents!  (that’s Toritto and his brother Alfred – now 76 and 72 respectively) Times have changed.  Once upon a time kids actually played with other … Continue reading

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How the Vatican Became a State – a Re-Post

A Re-Post on the Visit of Pope Francis We all know that the Roman Catholic Church is a “church” and that it is headquartered in the Vatican, which is a “state” – all 110 acres with a current population of … Continue reading

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Remembering One Girl From Minsk – October 26,1941

An annual Re-Post.  We cannot remember them all; but each year we can remember one. The Minsk Ghetto – 1941 “For God’s sake child! Flee Minsk before it’s too late!” the wounded Red Army Major she tended urged her. “Be still!” Anya said. “I’m … Continue reading

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