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Halloween Past

Happy Halloween!  .

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On Being Had

It was the first half of the 1970s, I  was in my early thirties  and was an up and coming young “executive” working for the Great American Travel company (Don’t leave home without it!). We were having some problems in … Continue reading

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Cut – A Re-Post

  Georgia O’Keefe – “Gray line with black, blue and yellow” Lithe and lovely Eritrean girl high cheek bones, pearly whites chocamocha, caffe latte has me staring at her aquiline nose. “Hey G.I! You buy hashish today?” Smoke rings and … Continue reading

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Cruising With Suzanne Pleshette

  “Suzanne Pleshette”  with some sharply dressed, well muscled geek (still wearing his U.S. Army issue eyeglasses) – 1969 While I was In the Army and stationed in Eritrea in the mid-60s my wife JoAnn got a job with The … Continue reading

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On The Procession of the Living

Toritto on the Asmara – Massawa road – 1965 The services for Terry, who passed last Thursday were held yesterday, bringing together her family and friends to say farewell.  The day after her passing I had posted “Fields of Gold” … Continue reading

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Fields of Gold

  The world changed not one whit the day she left me all alone. The sun still rose the birds still sang the radio in the car still played. Boys still ogled girls still giggled lovers still walked hand in … Continue reading

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Remembering One Girl from Minsk – Oct. 26, 1941 – A Re-Post

An Annual Re-Post The Minsk Ghetto – 1941 “For God’s sake child! Flee Minsk before it’s too late!” the wounded Red Army Major she tended urged her. “Be still!” Anya said. “I’m taking your picture.” Minsk was her city. She was born here, a Jewish girl whose real … Continue reading

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The Passing of Terry

My sister-in-law Terry, my late wife’s older sister, passed away yesterday.  She was 75 years old. She was newly married when I began dating her sister back in ’63 so I’ve known her and her surviving husband Vic for a … Continue reading

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On Perpetually Wanting More

n  “Money’s a bitch that never sleeps” Remember Michael Douglas’ famous line in the movie “Wall Street?” His character Gordon Gekko speaks – “Greed, for lack of a better word, is good.  Greed is right.  Greed works.  Greed clarifies, cuts through … Continue reading

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Toritto in the Washington Post – 2008

“If the GOP goes down to crushing defeat next week (it aint over till its over) real Republicans will need to pick up the pieces. Your platform for the future should read: 1. We will defend the United States and … Continue reading

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