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I remember the faint smell of sulphur and sea water in the shadow of the volcano which poured out its wrath of fire and magma; Urns of the Gods spilling over from the very depths of hell. I remember the … Continue reading

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Withlacoochee River Electric Coop

Withlacoochee River Electric Coop building in Dade City, about 15  miles inland from my home.  Photo taken God knows when. Those of you who read old Toritto know that I live in a semi-rural area on the Florida gulf coast … Continue reading

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The French Revolution – Danton and Robespierre

And so the King and Queen were dead as well as thousands of other “Enemies of the republic.”  There were now two governments in France; the Commune or the government of Paris and the Convention, the elected government o France. … Continue reading

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“Medicare For All” – A Repost from 2017

The cry on the progressive left s “Medicare for all” now that the GOP has failed to repeal    ” Obamacare”. It, they say, is the answer to providing universal health care for all Americans.  If we don’t start sweating … Continue reading

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The French Revolution – Death of a King and the Terror

And so a third national assembly was elected; the National Convention which would be in existence for three years from September 1792 to October 1795.  It was called to draft a new constitution necessitated by the suspension of the King. … Continue reading

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My Weekend!

Poppa sent me Jabba the Hutt! . And I went to see my first movie!  Toy Story 4! . It was great!  Such a big screen!  Nice seat and lots of treats!

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The French Revolution – The End of Monarchy.

The National Assembly had written a constitution for France and, after two years, considered its work at an end.  It was for others to implement the details. The Assembly voted to dissolve itself and in doing so made one final … Continue reading

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