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All We are Saying is ………

Today the media talking heads reported on a conversation between Joe Biden and Volodymyr Zelenskyy which took place last June.  The President had called to convey that the United States was going to provide another billion dollars of arms to … Continue reading

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An Update on Rob and Pam

Many of those of you who waste your time reading this blog have requested occasional updates on Rob’s condition. Rob was discharged from hospital and is now staying at the home of his parents which is only minutes from Pam … Continue reading

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Bye Ye

As an 80 year old guy who grew up in might suspect I am not into rap.  It’s not a hatred.  I’m just a Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Ella, Dakota Statton kind of guy. I grew up with the Five … Continue reading

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Pazzo in Pennsylvania

“Says God, you can’t stop my son, who is the rightful president, He is on his way back, and how he takes his position back on center stage, you will never see that coming because you won’t see me coming. … Continue reading

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What to do with the Love Letters – from the archive – 2015

They wrote each other letters breathless and palpitant, befitting young lovers which she carefully wrapped in ribbon placing them in his duffel bag sitting silently in the garage. Reaching in, a random note from ‘65 he chose visible still her … Continue reading

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Tidbits from a Mad, Mad World

Not all Nazis were bad…. Sometimes [ during the day the old man will casually have a news streaming service on in the background.  I’m not really listening intently.  It’s just on for the noise.  Talking heads endlessly repeating the … Continue reading

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Russia, Ukraine and Nuclear War

The conscripts So far from God!  And so close to the United States!” The above is an old Mexican expression which accurately describes the situation when Mexico and the U.S. disagree.  The pressure on Mexico begins and our neighbor to … Continue reading

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Death or Life Imprisonment?

Here in Florida, we heard a lot about the death penalty this week.  On Thursday, a twelve-member jury decided to spare Nikolas Cruz, the gunman who killed 17 people in 2018 at a high school in the city of Parkland, … Continue reading

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Children Bearing Children

. A new political ad attacking Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) shows the terrifying reality of the Lone Star State’s near-total abortion ban. Mothers Against Greg Abbott, a political action committee, released an ad Thursday that reveals how the state’s … Continue reading

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Evangelical Rot

Its been rather fun to watch the rotting of evangelical churches in America. Back in the Clinton years I recall genuine “shock and horror” among the faithful when Ken Starr exposed a young woman for giving the Prez a BJ … Continue reading

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