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Gitmo – Because it’s Still Open

A repost – ’cause it’s still open Tropical cages inhabited by human forms sculpted by the ailments of our time weak are the bodies but still alive huge eyes, white golf balls, fleshless frames of bone held at the Emperor’s … Continue reading

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Door Man to the Tsar – My Most Popular Post

This post, published in 2014 is by far the most popular on my blog.  It has been viewed thousands of times and gets a hit virtually every day.   I have no idea why. Jim Hercules Soon it will be a … Continue reading

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Train to Nefasit

Nefasit, Eritrea Riding Acela to Boston Connecticut towns roll by coffee and church steeples a successful man in coat and tie recalling when three and twenty with no awareness I was blessed I hopped the train to Shegareni on my … Continue reading

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On Being American

I rode a train in Africa through lands where once the Fascists came and people frowned and turned away when ‘ere they learned my family name. “No!  I am American!” a smile , a laugh a warm embrace “We thought … Continue reading

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Milo’s Fall

There are many of you out there, particularly my overseas readers who may never have heard of Milo Yiannopoulos.   Not being a reader of the Alt.right media, and being of a certain age and not a twitter follower, I had … Continue reading

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The River

Vladimir sat on the bank of the river remembering his brother Alexandre. He had dreamed the night before, that they were fishing together on the far away Volga. It was officially Spring, yet winter held on here in eastern Siberia. … Continue reading

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The Actor

Richard’s phone rang, disturbing the tranquility of a quiet Saturday afternoon in small town California. Rarely did his phone ring since he returned to his home town. He had been gone for three years studying law at faraway Duke University, … Continue reading

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