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On The Edge Of The Universe

Last June of 2017 I posed a question: Does time exist? I mean “exist” – like the keyboard I am typing on or the screen I am looking at? Does it physically exist like things I can touch or perceive?  … Continue reading

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Hurricane Michael

. . . . . ‘ Yesterday Hurricane Michael slammed into the northern Florida gulf coast at Panama City with sustained winds of 153 mph and heavy rains.  It passed me by as it headed north, gathering strength over the … Continue reading

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The Busboy

It was the day before the 1968 California Democratic primary election and 18 year old Juan Romero was working as a bus boy at the Ambassador Hotel.  The primary itself was a heated race between Senator Robert F, Kennedy, Senator … Continue reading

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The September Pope – The 33 Days of John-Paul I

Forty years and two days ago Pope John-Paul I died.  Everyone remembers John-Paul II, the first non-Italian Pope in centuries, but few remember John-Paul I. No one remembers him for he reigned only 33 days.   Within 2 months we … Continue reading

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“God’s Banker” and the Fall of Ambrosiano – A Re-Post

Pope Paul VI and Roberto Calvi . Everyone loves a good conspiracy theory. I do. Don’t you? And everyone loves a conspiracy involving all the big players – bankers, the mafia, the Vatican, the C.I.A., murder. I mean, how juicy … Continue reading

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A Father With Daughters in Defense of Women

Once upon a time back in 1964 while I was in Eritrea defending America, my wife worked in lower Manhattan for a steamship company.  She was 19 years old and the bosses’ secretary.  The office consisted of a large open … Continue reading

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He Said – She said. Why Believe Her?

Heehee. It’s so funny watching Republicans trying so hard of be respectful of Christine Blasey Ford as they subtly work to undermine her credibility.  The Judicial Committee wanted to hear her but only on their terms. They want Americans to … Continue reading

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