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Plague – Poem #139

Toritto hunkering down playing with his new phone.  Hair is growing! Dangerously close that shopper next to me in this communal space at a grocery Does she not sense I am unhinged by the air itself now perilous to breathe? … Continue reading

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Diana Laughed – Poem #36 – From the Archives

The Huntress has seen everything shined on all who ever lived. Apollo too of course by day but since Diana rules the dark she knows full well what night conceals. She watches as we park the car to wait the … Continue reading

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Still Men – Poem #31 – From the Archives

They looked up and saw her  a body electric fashioned by Eros coming through the door tall, with a perfectly turned ankle worthy in itself of worship limbs formed by the gods a sculptor’s deft touch to hip and breast. … Continue reading

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Roman Holiday – Poem #138 – From the Archives – For Italy

Rome will always be here eternal, imperishable unlike fresh fruit or cheeses or the days of our lives. A dank catacomb the Colosseum, Appian way or that monastery of the cloistered ones where bastards were abandoned by shamed mothers. Or … Continue reading

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Moment of Perfection – Poem #30 – From the Archives

I don’t recall which day it was of the thousands I have lived when I realized that nothing lasts and what a shame it was that perfection is for just a moment before the downward slope begins. I don’t know … Continue reading

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The Sudden Rise of Andrew Cuomo

From the New York Times – Maureen O’Dowd’s Opinion Piece on the rise of Andrew Cuomo WASHINGTON — It’s no wonder that watching Andrew Cuomo’s daily briefings can make some people crave Chianti and meatballs. Besides coolly explaining the facts … Continue reading

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On the Virus and “Useless Eaters”

A “useless eater” Those of you of a certain age will have seen the BBC epic “I Claudius” with John Hurt and Derek Jacobi.  If not, it is a good time to so, locked up at home as we all … Continue reading

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Dancing in Brazil – Poem #28- From the Archives

I am satisfied with my daily bread a pinch of salt a cup o’joe a little touch of you at night. A sweet dream while drifting on sleep’s shore resting on sleep’s shoulder a short doze, a light sleep awakened … Continue reading

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We Take a Break for Happy News!!

Joseph Dominick Pernice – My new Grand Nephew! Going Home in his going home outfit! Time for my close-up! My niece (my brother’s youngest  daughter) and her hubby locked up in their mid-town Manhattan apartment.  My brother and his wife … Continue reading

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We’re In The Digital Money!

So yesterday the Senate passed a COVID-19 “stimulus” package worth a couple of trillion dollars to get through the conomic catastrophe facing America in the form of bankruptcies, unemployment, medical costs, mortgage foreclousres etc. Last week 3.2 million Americans filed for … Continue reading

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