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On Motion

by toritto   Galileo postulated in a thought; two objects one light one heavy connected to each other by a string dropped from the Leaning Tower If heavier objects fall faster the string would soon be taut and the combined … Continue reading

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Charlemagne Was My Ancestor – Smiley Face Goes Here

My paternal  grandfather Franceso Everyone loves genealogy.  For some it borders on fanaticism; for some a hobby.  Some take a crack at learning about their ancestors and then put it aside when the trail grows cold. I did that – … Continue reading

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Manifest Destiny

Street signs  with names of trees . pine maple elm . mounted on metal poles standing where trees used to be like metallic green grave stones.   The map of America is littered with graves   Huron Mohawk Seneca Falls … Continue reading

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Ghost Dance

My father has much pity for us my father has much pity I hold out my hands toward him and cry in my poverty I hold out my hands in my poverty I cry. Wovóka the Paiute received the Na’nisa’ana … Continue reading

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Through a Venetian Blind

I am re-posting this piece because it is mating season for the Florida cranes.  All this week they have not shut up quite frankly.  I have dozens of them around my house and they have approached closer than ever walking brazenly … Continue reading

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Repeal Obamacare!! Ehh…Well, No.

So yesterday the Republican effort to “repeal and replace” Obamacare went down to defeat.  Well not actually defeat; it would have been defeated if the House Majority Leader, Paul Ryan had been foolish enough to call for a vote. Nope.  … Continue reading

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’50S Closet

Walking South, tall and lithe high heels clicking young men turning catching a surreptitious glimpse from behind. before her descent into the subway, heading home she gazes in Bonwit’s windows at the scarves. Breathing deeply, somewhat flushed she enters, walking … Continue reading

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