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Green Cathedral – For Veteran’s Day

The son of the Allentown butcher will lead the way point man on the sweep today through God’s heavenly green cathedral Verdant canopy reaching to heaven flickering sunlight illuminates a mottled parrot red and blue while on the moss a mantis … Continue reading

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Great Days!

Clark was born the night our Great Leader was elected.  I drank that night to happiness and sorrow.  But the sun has come out and tomorrow Clark Cassius Wolf will be four!  Yesterday he had a pizza birthday party at … Continue reading

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I’m Done

Can this moron find a bigger gun? Well I’m done. My country showed  me what it has become last night and I don’t like what I see.  In fact, I  don’t recognize it. While the election hasn’t been decided yet … Continue reading

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On Being American – For Election Day

I rode a train in Africa through lands where once the Fascists came and people frowned and turned away when ‘ere they learned my family name. “No!  I am an American!” a smile , a laugh a warm embrace “We … Continue reading

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