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Happy Thanksgiving!

Unlike so many “netizens” who inhabit the virtual world, I have a real life – a life filled with daughters, family and real “friends”. Tuesday I will depart my home without stairs and travel from the West coast of Florida, … Continue reading

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My Mother Used to Play Checkers

A note today from Alan Grayson, U.S House of Representatives Democrat – 9th District of Florida (just south of Orlando) My mother was born in Canada. There’s no shame in that. If you don’t believe me, then just ask Ted … Continue reading

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Military Appreciation Day

I’m a ghost of the ghost of my former self from a time we poked fun at the foibles of men laughing at Bilko and Navy McHale recognizing schemers without fail even in uniform. Not so anymore.  No need to … Continue reading

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White Sands

before It wasn’t called White Sands even by those who lived there on dirt streets that dead ended north side of the creek. Houses where the eldest son never had his own room only a Castro Convertible to dream his … Continue reading

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Running With Stars

I am nothing I do not exist I am invisible with no Facebook page no Twitter follows Does anyone know I’m here? Hello? in the vastness that is space and time how many thinking beings have lived and died forgotten? … Continue reading

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Wearing the Cresent Moon

Here come the terrorists The flood of refugees continues as not only Christians and Yazids flee the idyllic paradise of the Islamic State but Muslims too, fleeing by the millions. Now if I were a high ranking ISIS member I … Continue reading

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Year of the Rat

Crawford’s business trip to Beijing was coming to an end. Tomorrow evening, after a grueling but successful negotiation involving a triangle of conflicting interests each armed with teams of lawyers, he would take the red-eye home to London. Crawford needed … Continue reading

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“God’s Banker” and the Fall of Ambrosiano – A Re-Post

The Pope and Roberto Calvi . Everyone loves a good conspiracy theory. I do. Don’t you? And everyone loves a conspiracy involving all the big players – bankers, the mafia, the Vatican, the C.I.A., murder. I mean, how juicy can … Continue reading

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Our Saudi Allies

Too many know too little history. And too many care even less about history. “Those who will not learn from history” etc. Take for example Saudi Arabia. When did the cradle of Islam and Keepers of the Holy Places become … Continue reading

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The Return of the Cranes

Behind my house Those of you who read me probably know I live on Florida’s West coast, north of the Tampa Bay metro area.   The area is still semi-rural though not as country as it was a decade ago … Continue reading

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