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For May Day – In Memory of Guido Picelli

Guido Pacelli – Leader of the Resistance to Fascism Guido Picelli was the leader of the last armed resistance to Italian Fascism, rousing the working men and women of Parma to defeat some 20,000 Fascists in pitched battles fought in … Continue reading

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Working Man

This must have been how it was to look down from a hillside orchard to see Reggio or Napoli shining below for the last time looking like acres of clean cardboard as he walked away with what he could carry … Continue reading

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Back in 2000 the National Vaccine Information Center, a consumer run educational non-profit, which “does not advocate for or against the use of vaccines” published an article entitled “Autism and Vaccines: a New Look at an Old Story.” The article … Continue reading

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Sailing Narragansett

Remembering Summers in Rhode Island A dim December light breaking dawn of Winter’s night reveals a naked frozen bough hosting a chorus of crows rousing us to morning thick in ice where nothing flows save time alone No match for … Continue reading

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A Felon for President – Eugene V. Debs

Eugene V. Debs was born in Terre Haute, Indiana in 1855 to prosperous immigrant parents from Alsace, France.  He attended public schools, dropping out at 14 to take a job on the Vandalia Railroad cleaning grease from freight engines for … Continue reading

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Akhenaten – Monotheist and Scientist

“How many are your deeds, though hidden from sight. O sole God without equal ! You made the Earth as You desired, You alone. With people, cattle, and all creatures. With everything upon Earth that walks on legs, and all … Continue reading

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Prince Dead

It is being reported in the Huffington Post that Prince is dead.  He was 57 years old.

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Remember those best minds of our generation who got to run the government while having to prove they were all American not socialist revolutionaries so to prove it they grabbed the lambs off of tenement streets the son of the … Continue reading

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Wild daughters Absent fathers Bourgeoisie bedrooms Nosferatu comes from Mexico to take your wife Utopias and horrors Ghosts and martyrs Doppelgangers Authority; insanity Fascists and Communists Psychiatrists, Psychologists The dictator is already present carrying out master’s orders Soulless Faceless men Power … Continue reading

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April 19th, 1965 – A Letter from Ethiopia

  Fifty one years ago today I wrote a letter to my bride from my post in Ethiopia (now Eritrea).  I was 22 and she was 19; we had been married for 16 months and separated for half of that time.  … Continue reading

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