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In The Era of Trump – Illusions Are Not Reserved for Halloween

An article from  “The Nation” magazine by Patricia Williams “It is a tribute to the strange unreality of our time that among the children’s Halloween outfits being sold online, there was this: an Anne Frank costume. “100% polyester,” read the … Continue reading

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Fourteen at Ravenhall

“Let’s find out what kissing’s about!” as she pushed him up against the wall in her family’s locker at Ravenhall. soft lips gently pressed with eyes open wide not making a sound as his world swirled around. Frozen in place … Continue reading

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What’s Halloween??

What’s a pumpkin?? Pumpkin!! What’s Halloween?? Mommy and Super Grover!! Daddy and Super Grover!! Yummy!  First Spaghetti and Meatballs!!  What a day!! . .

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Gonna Be Out of Touch

until next week.  My brother in law (my wife’s youngest sibling) is coming in from New Mexico today.  He and his wife are recently retired (nuclear science guy from Sandia Labs  – secret secret!) and he is looking to move … Continue reading

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The Last Hieroglyph on the Birthday of Osiris

A re-post A message to the future from a dying culture. The Temple of Isis at Philae, at the south end of the Nile,  is the last-known site where the ancient Egyptian religion as an institution was still alive. Located … Continue reading

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The General in Trump Land

“On a chill November day in 2010, a crowd of mourners gathered in Section 60 at Arlington National Cemetery, America’s Valhalla. The highest-ranking U.S. military officer to lose a child in combat in the post-9/11 wars was there to bury … Continue reading

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The Clothes Line

A  piece of fiction Freddie and Philomena Bartolomeo lived in a small 1 bedroom second floor apartment in Brooklyn’s little Italy along with their two sons, Fredo and Nicola in 1950.  The place was small with four of them;  little … Continue reading

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Other People

You can grow up mean in little houses without a single book, save the Bible slaughtering pigs, kicking chickens drowning kittens without a second thought. Rusty coal stove in the living room Poppa smelling of gasoline and oil Momma strange … Continue reading

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But Mom! Dad! I’m Almost One!!

Why can’t I?  Please!  I’m  old enough! Come on!  Let me borrow the car!  Please! What a day!! .    

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A Single Mother at Magic Kingdom

Fairy tales, witches magic enchantments dreams sailing on clear seas the world of children mixed with wonder Angelic eyes fill with a lovely shine; the laughter of kids freshening the air dissipating sadness Carousel music fills the square where sweetness … Continue reading

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