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Throwing Chum On The Waters

Well our illustrious President is at it again, creating chaos to drum up  his base prior to the mid-term elections next Tuesday. It wasn’t enough that one of his ardent supporters decided last week that enough was enough and sent … Continue reading

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Day of the Dead


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On Watching A Game

Last night I tuned in to watch game 3 of the World Series.  It’s not that I’m  an avid Baseball fan.  I’ not. Not anymore. There wasn’t much on TV that interested me so I tuned in the game, made … Continue reading

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On Corruption in Florida

Governor Rick Scott and Senator Bill Nelson Well its now less than 2 weeks until the mid-term elections and I for one will glad to see them over with.  The TV is filled with nasty political ads and the robocalls … Continue reading

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Pizza Crust Is The Best!

“Let’s have pizza!” “Hey!  That’s my pizza! “Mine!” “Hmm!  Crust is the best part!” .

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“Buck Buck! How Many Horns Are Up?”

hffe OMG! – Those kids don’t have bike helmets on!  Call the cops on their parents!  (that’s Toritto and his brother Alfred – now 76 and 72 respectively) Times have changed.  Once upon a time kids actually played with other … Continue reading

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Halloweens Past

Well Halloween is coming soon, marking the beginning of the holiday season with the commencement of Christmas advertising.  In my youth the Christmas season started officially after the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade.  The store would close the night before and … Continue reading

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On The Edge Of The Universe

Last June of 2017 I posed a question: Does time exist? I mean “exist” – like the keyboard I am typing on or the screen I am looking at? Does it physically exist like things I can touch or perceive?  … Continue reading

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L’Affair Khashoggi

Trump knows the Khashoggi – He bought Uncle Adnan’s super yacht, the Nabila back in the day. And so our “ally” Saudi Arabia apparently murdered a Saudi journalist last week in their embassy in Istanbul.  A special team of 15 … Continue reading

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The Mass Media and the Threat to Democracy

‘Free press.” Once upon a time it was a common belief among Americans that a free press had a sacred responsibility; to hold the powerful accountable and to provide the public with enough information to make informed political decisions. Unfortunately, … Continue reading

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