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Strength in the Battleground

So who is currently the strongest of the Democratic candidates to face the Dyed Blond Don in November? Among national registered voters, Bernie leads Trump 48% – 42% while Joe Biden leads the President by 50% – 41% according to … Continue reading

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Il computer sono kaputo

Hi folks! My computer is temporarily down. Made a trip to see the Geek Squad today.  It will be repaired by saturday. Posted this from my new smart phone!  All by myself! See y’all soon. Regards from Florida!

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Decisions! Decisions!

Well my Florida Democratic Primary  Election ballot is still laying on my kitchen counter unfilled out with my choice for who among our candidates should be the party’s nominee.  Tonight is the South Carolina debate followed by the S.C. primary … Continue reading

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Grandma’s Windows – From the Archives

Moonlight never shined o’er her bed of dark pecan through the small minded windows of America. No view of stars or sunny day no ever changing blue or gray; A glass pane cordoning the outside from the in; Windows that moved … Continue reading

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The “John the Baptist” of Fascism – From the Archives – 2014

Italians in Fiume cheering D’Annunzio in September 1919 . There murmur swarming through my drowsy head In this vast furnace of a summer day Relentless verses clamoring to be said, As beetles round a putrid carcass play. It can be … Continue reading

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Nostalgia – From the Archives

Are the roses in bloom in the Bois de Boulogne Wild flowers ablaze in the cool Texas dawn? Do high heels still rule on the Champs-Elysee La moda high style on the Rue de la Paix? Does the temple still … Continue reading

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Kona Village, Hawaii – 1989 – wehn I had brown hair! I’m  finally going to receive my funds from Nigeria!  My ATM card is on its way – as soon as I provide all of my personal details!  I received … Continue reading

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