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The Phone Saga Continues

So you all read earlier this week of Toritto’s running issue with his cell phone company – how his old 3G flip phone was :cloned: allowing someone else to make international calls and putting the calls on my bill. reading

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On The British Monarchy

As a Brooklyn born kid who grew up in Coney Island I know little about royalty other than what I read in the papers.  Class differences are so important that no one is really permitted to talk about them freely. … Continue reading

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The Continuing Saga With The Phone Company

Last month some of you will remember I had a run in with my telephone carrier. On a glorious December morning . when I was planning to mail Christmas gifts and buy stamps for my greeting cards I opened … Continue reading

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Outside the Box

Within the vastness that is space and time sits a warehouse filled with steamer trunks piled one upon the other to infinite height in endless narrow rows managed by a power that is, standing on the edge of quiet, with … Continue reading

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Eleanor of Aquitaine

Eleanor’s seal. She is identified as Eleanor, by the Grace of God, Queen of the English, Duchess of the Normans. The legend on the reverse calls her Eleanor, Duchess of the Aquitanians and Countess of the Angevins. I’m sure all … Continue reading

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The Dali – From The Archives – 2015

Tourists! Keep Florida green! Bring money!! No. I don’t work for the greater Tampa Bay tourism board. Most tourists visit our metro area for the weather and to spend a few days on our gorgeous beaches. First they take the … Continue reading

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Epiphany at Tarpon Springs

Hunter Sakadales who recovered the cross from Spring Bayou is carried on the shoulders of his fellow divers to the church. Yesterday was the feast of the Epiphany celebrating the baptism of Christ by John the Baptist.  It is a … Continue reading

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On Our Middle East Confusion

General Suleimani with Iraqi forces at the liberation of Fallujah from ISIS, having tea. So this week Donald Trump ordered the assassination of Major General Qassim Suleimani, commander of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard and one of the most powerful men of … Continue reading

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FGM and the Demise of Foot Binding – A Re-Post

A follow-up to yesterday’s re-post on FGM  the illusion Foot binding – “the custom of binding the feet of young girls painfully tight to prevent further growth. The practice likely originated in the Southern Tang Dynasty in Nanking but spread … Continue reading

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On Female Genital Mutilation – An Important Re-Post

Originally post in February 2014 and again in 2017 Forceps, rubber gloves and other instruments used in female genital mutilation lon a table in Hargeiysa, Somalia. Below are xcerpts from a book by Nawal El Saadawi: “The Hidden Face of … Continue reading

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