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Yair Hun’s Meme

Screen shot of meme posted by Yair Netanyahu on his Facebook page The 26 year old unemployed son of Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Yair, is in trouble.  Seems the young man has a Facebook page under the name of … Continue reading

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The Swamp – (Not Trump’s Swamp!)

  The swamp, dramatically expanded over hurricane night.  The grassy areas had been exposed due to draught and have now been reclaimed by the waters.  No, this  post is NOT about Trump and the mythical D.C swamp!  This is about … Continue reading

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Dodging The Bullet On My Birthday

Toritto, with cigar, out back of his nephew’s home. So it was Sunday, September 10 – Toritto’s 75th birthday and Hurricane Irma was coming tonight.  I closed up my house on Saturday and at my nephew’s invitation came to his … Continue reading

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Leaving My Home

I will be leaving my home in the next hour or so to spend the hurricane evenings with nieces, nephews and brothers-in-law.  I am doing last minute things before I lock up my home in the “boonies” and drive the … Continue reading

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Hurricane Update

ST. PETERSBURG —  A Hurricane Watch is posted for Pinellas, Hillsborough, and Manatee Counties in the Tampa Bay metro area. Expect more watches and warnings to be issued later today. There has been another slight adjustment to the track by … Continue reading

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Florida Evacuates As Thousands Flee

Scene on I-75 just south of Valdosta Georgia – 25 miles per hour The Florida Turnpike, I-95 and I-75 are expected to be clogged with traffic Thursday as thousands of Monroe and Miami-Dade County residents head north to escape Hurricane … Continue reading

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Hurricane Irma

Mandatory evacuation ordered for all Miami-Dade residents of zone A and barrier islands of zone B (Miami Beach included). Additionally, Broward County (Ft. Lauderdale) ordered an evacuation for low-lying areas, the barrier islands, mobile homes and space east of the Federal … Continue reading

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DACA and Hollow Words

So you’re a young kid graduating high school in California, Texas or here in Florida living the dream.  You have friends, a social life, speak American English, stand for the anthem, salute the flag, love your mother and your country. … Continue reading

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The Birthday Surprise

The Invitation So next Sunday, the tenth of September is my birthday.  A milestone; the completion of 75  years on this planet.  As I approached my 70th, some five plus years ago, I told my daughters that I would no … Continue reading

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Bloodshed and Unemployment Insurance – For Labor Day

Originally posted at the height of the great recession The New York Times front page on 7 March 1930, the day following the march Well the Christmas season ended with Congress deciding we didn’t have the money to extend unemployment benefits … Continue reading

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