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The Passing of Terry

My sister-in-law Terry, my late wife’s older sister, passed away yesterday.  She was 75 years old. She was newly married when I began dating her sister back in ’63 so I’ve known her and her surviving husband Vic for a … Continue reading

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On Perpetually Wanting More

n  “Money’s a bitch that never sleeps” Remember Michael Douglas’ famous line in the movie “Wall Street?” His character Gordon Gekko speaks – “Greed, for lack of a better word, is good.  Greed is right.  Greed works.  Greed clarifies, cuts through … Continue reading

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Toritto in the Washington Post – 2008

“If the GOP goes down to crushing defeat next week (it aint over till its over) real Republicans will need to pick up the pieces. Your platform for the future should read: 1. We will defend the United States and … Continue reading

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Insipient American Fascism

Well, America is rapidly rolling toward election day, now just a little over three weeks away. During the last week, the Trump campaign has been a virtual train wreck with one disaster after another.  His chances of winning have collapsed … Continue reading

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Grandma’s Windows

Moonlight never shined across her bed of dark pecan through the small minded windows of America. No view of stars or sunny day no ever changing blue or gray; A glass pane cordoning the outside from the in; Windows that moved … Continue reading

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The Asmara Con

The bridle path at Prospect Park  I learned to ride a horse in Brooklyn. As a teen in the ‘50s I would ride regularly in Prospect Park or Gerritsen Beach renting horses from local stables for a couple of hours.  … Continue reading

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She visits at 11:11 sometimes a.m. mostly p  A sudden haunting urges me to look at a clock which must be digital.   Dropping by for just a moment only at 11:11 the time, our private denouement I look around and know … Continue reading

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