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“The Ideal German Soldier”

“The Ideal German Soldier” –  appearing on the front page of Berliner Tagsblatt newspaper, Sunday edition during the invasion of Poland – 1939. Our soldier’s picture was taken by a Wehrmacht  photographer and  provided to the newspaper for publication.  It … Continue reading

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Child Labor in the Fifties – (smiley face)

Once upon a time, during the reign of the Divine Tiberias, a.k.a the fifties, young boys got Summer jobs. Now I’m sure some kids still do; it’s just that the kids seem older now than they were then. And the kind … Continue reading

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The “Ethics” of Wall Street

Most of you know I spent my life in banking, much of it on the international side.  Banking, especially investment banking is the epitome of the capitalist state.  Are there any ethics on Wall Street?  How does one not fall … Continue reading

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“I Like to be in America!”

The dour stone-faced German Finance Minister, Wolfgang Schaeuble made a joke in 2015. “According to Bloomberg, Schaeuble said, “I offered my friend [US Treasury Secretary] Jack Lew these days that we could take Puerto Rico into the euro zone if … Continue reading

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On “Thoughts and Prayers”

Having lived now just 5 years short of the proverbial four score I am no longer surprised by te ability of politicians to turn an innocent, innocuous phrase into a near profanity. It’s become a sort of twisted American ritual: … Continue reading

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Freedom vs. “Freedom”

Ready for the Zombie Apocalypse So how free are we? I posed that question in a post back in 2013 which I re-posted here in 20115: This week we had another slaughter of innocents in Las Vegas committed by … Continue reading

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Marathon – A Re-Post

Posted soon after the Boston Marathon bombing “Peace” “No more hurting people” A little prince wise beyond his years eyes filled with promise of great deeds to come. Greeting the victors adding his accolades Athens triumphant a laurel wreath crowning … Continue reading

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From The Archives

Yesterday I took a peek at my stats and was surprised to see a number of hits on a post I put up more than three years ago.  It was not previously one of the “favorites” in the archive but … Continue reading

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Had Enough Yet?

Listen to the machine guns and explain to me why they are legal?   Well the Las Vegas death toll reached 59 last night with 527 injured and taken to hospital, many in critical condition and/or requiring surgery.  The media … Continue reading

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And The New American Record For Mass Killings Is!

Fifty eight. As of this moment at 11:40 A.M. EDT, it was announced that 58 concert goers at dead with an additional 515 injured, many of them critically.  The death toll record is sure to rise. This new record is … Continue reading

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