Morons, Rubes, Grifters and Fascists

This week I have finally made up my mind.

“Conservative” pols are morons, rubes or grifters.

Pick one.

And they’re not conservative.

Last week hurricane Ian ripped across Florida leaving at last count 72 confirmed dead.  The number is still likely to rise.  So, what do we hear from the far right?  Sympathies?  Condolences?  Thoughts and prayers?  Fund raising efforts?

Nah.  You know better than that by now.

Two far-right pundits are spewing the latest baseless conspiracy theory about “weather manipulation” — claiming that Hurricane Ian was created by the so-called Deep State to target Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and other GOP-led states as “punishment.”

Oh!  The victimhood!

The comments were made by DeAnna Lorraine and Lauren Witzke, both former GOP congressional candidates, according to The Independent and RightWing Watch, a group that monitors right-wing activity.  Witzke was a candidate for the Senate from Delaware.

“We understand that the ‘deep state,’ they have weather manipulation technology,” Lorraine said on her Telegram show, per a clip posted by the group on Friday, referring to the hurricane that struck the Sunshine State.

As an aside, we all know by now that the “deep state” is a conspiracy term referring to the shadowy cabal of influential people who manipulate politics and public life and was used by Dyed Blond Don and QAnon.

During the interview, Witzke agreed with Lorraine and suggested that the deep state is “trying to change people’s DNA through vaccination” as well.

“Of course, they would be willing to do something like this to target red states,” Witzke said.

“I’m not putting it past the elites to target something like this towards Florida as punishment for getting rid of vaccine mandates or getting rid of child grooming,” she continued. “They are angry with us, and it wouldn’t surprise me to find out that the technology does exist. But you’re not supposed to talk about that or know about that because that’s controversial or a conspiracy theory.  No, it’s true.

Eh, right.

Next day Marjorie Taylor Greene, at a “Save America” rally in Warren, Michigan also attended by the Don, threw more gasoline on the fire.  “I am not going to mince words with you all. Democrats want Republicans dead and they have already started the killings,” Greene said.

Taking aim at President Joe Biden, who has upped his attacks on MAGA Republicans in recent weeks, Greene said the commander in chief “has declared every freedom-loving American an enemy of the state.” She added: “But under Republicans, we will take back our country from the communists who have stolen it and want us to disappear.”

That people like MTG are actually sitting congressional legislators and members of the “loyal opposition” is enough to shake one’s faith in universal suffrage.  There is a district in Georgia where the folks actually elected this nut job.

Ginni Thomas, wife of Justice Clarence Thomas went before the January 6 Committee las week and continued to spout the lie that Trump won the election.

You know she doesn’t believe it.  The lie just fits the agenda.

Getting back to the original 3 choices I must ask what kind of moron really thinks the storm was manufactured by evil leftists with a hidden technology and aimed at Florida, in order to damage the reputation and take revenge against Govenor DeSantis?  We leftists were so sorry we also damaged Cuba on the way.

Are you simply a rube who will believe any moronic conspiracy theory which fits your world view?  And as for those who propagate such bull shit, do you really believe it or are you simply a grifter looking for a cushy job in Washington who will say anything to get the vote of the morons and rubes.

This week, our senior senator, “little” Marco Rubio, who is running for re-election, ran a tv ad exclaiming that the “radical left” is destroying America and that it is trying to “change boys into girls.”

What kind of person believes Democrats don’t love their country, that a liberal is a communist or that Dems are “changing boys into girls?”

A U.S. Senator repeated that lie in a TV ad here in Florida.  I guess he figures it won’t hurt his chances with the morons and rubes.

None of those who spew this nonsense seem to care how dangerous it is.  Too many of their followers are deranged and actually hate “libruls” but can’t articulate why.  Makes no difference.  They are Democrats.  They are “enemies.”  That’s enough.

These are the same folks who manned the watch towers of the camps, beat people in the street, burned books and loved torch light marches last century.

This week, Italy elected Georgia Meloni its first female Prime Minister.  She will be putting together a far-right wing government dedicated to “God, Family and Country.”  It is the same motto as Mussolini’s fascist Italy.  The flag of her party bears the same symbol found on Mussolini’s tomb.

She calls herself a “proud conservative.”

Italian media immediately called her what she is.

A fascist.

Its about time American media ceased using the word “conservative” to describe those espousing such beliefs.  Italians know fascists when we see them.



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3 Responses to Morons, Rubes, Grifters and Fascists

  1. beetleypete says:

    MTG belongs in a mental hospital. In most countries, she would already be in one.
    As for the ‘Contrail’ weather-changing conspiracy, do those idiots know nothing at all about condensation?
    Obviously not…
    Best wishes, Pete.

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