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Describing Her in Words

Half of her is woman ripe like an apple the other half impossible to describe. . Words escape me I have none I kiss her eyes her hands her lips. . She is fire yet I cannot keep from the flame She is flowing holy water and I thirst at her gushing … Continue reading

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In dreams I undress with a youthful hunger obsessed with the mysteries of you. I will not conceal my longing with senseless fig leaves for while I am merely naked you are immortal. Her body rises when I kiss her … Continue reading

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Leaving Alexandria

by toritto I could not stay in Alexandria the brilliant blue sea, the cloudless sky the perfect yellow shore all lovely; bathed in light. Standing there day dreaming of Antony lost was he between her limbs High Priestess of Isis … Continue reading

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Watching you walk across the room in tight corduroy shorts; the cords moving against one another is like flint striking rock creating sparks which make me smolder all day for I am the wood You smile, knowing you too will … Continue reading

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