Bones – Poem #73

The bones of Richard III

Curious things bones;
signifying substance and frailty
resolve and vulnerability 
life and death

If there is anything reverent about life
it lies in the sad indifference of
naked bones,
stripped of individuality

for under our weak decaying flesh
is that which in the end we shall all become,
appearing much the same as any other,
reminding us of what little we are

What is it all for?
All the effort and strife
all the struggles of life
only to come to this?

Whether high or low
Prince or Pope
mighty warrior or village harlot;
a treat for dogs.


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Last Summer’s Affair – Poem #72

Laying my head on your stomach
while the sun streamed through the blinds
forming stripes caressing your contours
just for a moment I thought of biting the thighs
of your perfect body.

Your sea green eyes animate Summer
terns and gulls off the starboard bow
your smile raising the waves
structuring the water
billowing the sails of boundless passion.

Tonight I will undress you
still covered in sand
tasting of sweat, salt and Coppertone
remains of a day at the shore
where no one knows, for we two give no clue
while hiding in plain pose.

But  Autumn comes, the Summer’s gone
“it’s time for us to both move on”
just one last kiss, a last caress
it’s time to dress for fall.


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Casualties Were Few – Poem #71

The casualties were few we’re told
while preparing to withdraw
Just three last month in Kandahar
Your son, my son and a boy from Florida.

“Your son, like mine, your eldest boy?
Handsome, straight and tall?
Mine too, a young wide receiver
beloved by one and all.”

Do you remember when they left
the sea of flags a flying?
The speeches made, while bands they played
no talk amongst our sons of dying.

Do you remember when they left
so young and eager to get going
while old men nodded to each other
in the secret code of knowing?

And now each sleeps in a pewter box
A flag draped casket, flying home
A cargo plane to Wilmington
the final miles before it’s done.

“No pictures please of caskets!”
the people should not bear the view
lest a thought they died for nothing;
remember just “the casualties were few”


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First Cannoli With Daddy!

Yum!  Yum!


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On Motion- Poem #70

 Galileo postulated in a thought;
two objects one light one heavy
connected to each other by a string
dropped from the Leaning Tower

If heavier objects fall faster
the string would soon be taut
and the combined objects
should fall even faster.

But they didn’t.

Objects fall at the same rate
like Newton’s apple from the tree;
they won’t fall any faster, even when connected.
But what of you and me?

Perhaps we didn’t fall at all
but lay still
as the world moved ‘round us
at light speed

I know when you fell for me, hard and to the core
time and motion stopped; thrilled in delightful stillness
as the rest of Heaven sped by;
relatively speaking.


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Algorithms – 2041 – Poem #69

Tell me Siri
Who should I marry?
Kylie and Molly both love me
but I love them each so differently.

Decisions are so hard to make
I want to avoid a major mistake
so tell me Siri for you are wise
which of the two would you advise?

“Well I was there the day you were born
for your emails, phone calls, your favorite song
your DNA, heart rate, the porn you love
I was there each date you went on

You recorded, uploaded and shared the sex
with Kylie and Molly and all the rest
assuring not only that I know you
Siri was there for their births too.

Based on my decades of data samples
knowing you and them and what each likes
probability indicates it would be folly
if you did not choose to marry Molly.

You’re liking Kylie’s T and A
as programmed since the dawn of time
you weight her beauty at .88
forgetting she is in her prime

my algorithms reveal to me
in the longer run it will matter less
I know that you don’t like my choice
but odds on Molly for wedded bliss.”

Siri didn’t tell you
what she already knew
that Kylie, while she likes you
will probably marry your best friend Drew.

Your momma and her posse crew
always knew what you would do
but they have nothing now on Google
which knows you better than you know you.


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Money Talk – Poem #68


Wage Inflation

Triple Witching
Swap Spread

Suck it all, big and small
buy and sell, put and call
commodity, paper, property
oil and gas monopoly

Play it like a symphony
LBO the company
ship the jobs to God knows where
leave them homeless over here

Saddle kids with student debt
turn them into slaves for wages
all the while convincing them
they’re free to join the one percent

Government big money buys
regime change and media lies
Randian attitude toward the poor
Goldman Sachs seeks only more

And you’re thinking in your grand illusion
you too can join the one percent
but that isn’t very likely
for you see, the rich are different

And you don’t even speak the language


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