Mickey Hits Back!

You all read yesterday about “Sanctimonious DeSantis” and how he is trying so hard to put a younger, fresher face on fascism.  Seems however, many of those acquainted with him consider DeSantis a very obnoxious, nasty and cruel man.

Sounds like a Trump lite.  Oh well.

You all recall how the Duce moved on Florida’s biggest employer, Disney when the company criticized his attacks on the gay community.  His constant attack rhetoric against gays, trans people, drag shows, wokeness, black history, inclusion etc. finally drew a sharp response from Disney.

Disney World is the company that turned Orlando from a dumpy little town of itinerant preachers into one of the world’s greatest tourist destinations.  It was Disney that brought Universal, Sea World, hotels, restaurants and billions of dollars to a central Florida that was a wasteland before its arrival.  They came because Disney was here.

Florida state government ceded thousands of acres to Disney to do with it as the company saw fit.  Disney was the government of the land on which Disney World stood. It built the roads, operated the fire department, decided what would be built where.  It taxed itself, paying for all the services provided on its land.

Disney World theme parks has had an annual gay day since 1991.

The first documented event, in June 1991, had 3,000 LGBTQ+ people from central Florida going to area theme parks on one day wearing red shirts to make their presence more visible. By 1995, the event had grown to 10,000 gays and lesbians traveling for the gay day at Disney. As of 2010 approximately 150,000 LGBT people, their families, friends and supporters attended the six-day gathering (including various pool parties, conventions, festivals, a business expo, activities for kids, etc. with 20,000 to 30,000 going to Disney on the final day.

Growth in attendance also reflects the growing number of LGBT families with children as well as the increasing number of LGBT marriages, since Disney World is also a top honeymoon destination.

In the face of the Duce’s attacks on gays, Disney finally spoke out.  And DeSantis struck back.  He pushed the GOP legislature to appoint a Board to oversee Disney activities on. land previously ceded to it in the name of accountability.

“There’s a new Sheriff in town!” cried the Duce.  Fascists won’t tolerate criticism.

And for a while Disney Company was quiet.  Seemed as if the government had silenced a “woke” capitalist corporation.

Until yesterday.

After a two year hiatus due to the coronavirus epidemic Disney announced with full fanfare the return of Gay Days to Central Florida.

According to the event website, the LGBTQ+ celebration “is comprised of multiple events staged at world-famous attractions, gay & lesbian nightclubs, and unique venues secured for the purpose of creating an inclusive LGBTQ atmosphere.”

The CEO of the Walt Disney Company initially thought it best to oppose il Duce’s actions behind the scenes’ and faced tremendous criticism and backlash for how the company has responded DeSantis’ attacks.

In a further response, Disney announced The Out & Equal Workplace Summit in September which will be the largest LGBTQ+ conference in the world, uniting over 5,000 professionals from major companies and the U.S. government seeking to create inclusive workplaces.

The Miami Herald reported that the conference will take place at The Walt Disney Resort from September 11-14, and also that Disney will host again in 2024, when DeSantis could be running for president.

Seems all of this has gotten the attention of some of those in the legislature.

Florida Rep. Randy Fine (R), who sponsored the bill to take away Disney’s tax district, doesn’t think Disney is hosting the Out & Equal Conference to stick it to DeSantis.

Of course he doesn’t.

I do.  But what do I know.  I’m just an old crank living in Florida.

“I’m not willing to interpret it as some grand conspiracy to stick it in the eye of the state of Florida,” Fine said“Disney is part of the fabric of the Florida economy… If they weren’t holding conferences at Disney World, that would be news because that would be a big problem.”

Of course it would be.  But I still interpret it as a stick in the eye.

And I’ll bet the ranch that the Duce does too.




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3 Responses to Mickey Hits Back!

  1. beetleypete says:

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Disney was so rich, it could just pull out of Florida completely? Close the whole shebang down, and move it to somewhere ‘friendlier’? I doubt that is financially viable, but I would love to see De Santis lose that tourist income because of his horrible personality.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. Don Ostertag says:

    Yippy for Mickey & Co

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